Madeline Ghost

Madeline was missing in may 3 in 2007 her parents just realize she was missing so last week I saw her fully aberration in my kitchen she was wearing a dark gray dress with dark brown hair was dirty she was wearing a pony tail she was walking pass me in the kitchen I was froze I can't not leave because I was shock when I saw her real life her name was Madeline McCann the other couple of days I draw her what she look like I was shock because in tuseday mooring the news was on there was a little girl who was missing when she was 9 years old we have a ghost name MADELINE she was a little girl as will when they show a photo on the news I was very shock & creep out because the photo & her name is same name in my drawling & same person in my. Drawling but around her neck she have 2 abused marks around her neck she keeping saying to me she not alive she dead that's she tells me all over again do y think I have a. Ghost paranormalPsychic Abilities ?
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Perhaps. Spirits will seek out those whom they believe will listen, this is why they appear before children often and not adults. Where do you live hon? City/state. I have heard that girl's name but I cannot place where.