Asylum Down The Street

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Hillsborough, MA--I grew up in a small town. I don't know exactly how small but I always tell people that I grew up in Mayberry. There was only one police officer, one stop light, one gas get it. It was small. But what I took from that town stayed with me my entire life. I guess I should actually tell people I grew up in Mayberry with a twist. Here's my story.

As a child me and my friends didn't have a lot to do. We didn't have a movie theater or arcade, really we only had open fields and our imaginations. Since you can't spend a lot of time throwing rocks in fields we had to rely on ourselves for our fun. We made up stories, played pranks on one another and tried to cause as much chaos as young kids can. We called ourselves a gang, but we were more like the gang from little Rascals than anything else.

Well, in our town we had our fair share of rumors. We grew up hearing the stories about this old house on the edge of town being an old insane asylum. I know, I know. We all have rumors like these. I'm sure you all had either a murder house, an asylum, a haunted house or a place kids went in and never came out. Well, ours was an asylum. The older kids told us that back a hundred years or so this house took in all the crazies from the surrounding towns and put them through these horrible shock treatments. They said that since our town was so small and so isolated, they could perform experiments on these poor people without anyone from the outside knowing. They said that all of our Grandparents knew about what happened at the asylum but the also knew if they told people, they would lose their jobs since the asylum was the main hiring company in the area. They say that even if you didn't work for the asylum, the asylum would find you work just to keep you quiet. The grown kids did a great job of letting us know the asylum had control over everyone.

Once they had us hooked that all our families were tied to the house, they told us that each of us was cursed because our families didn't help the poor souls inside. They said that each of us has a patient that follows us through life but the patient would only reveal itself if we went into the house and stirred it up. And guess what....the next thing we were told is we had to perform a right of passage to be included in the older kids group. That's right. Me and my group of friends had to spend the night in the house alone and chance activating the patients. We were terrified but like I said, we were a "Gang" and we wanted more than anything to move up the ranks in the town. So, we all packed, told our parents we would be staying at one another's houses and we set out for the asylum.

There were five of us that entered the house that night, all toting sleeping bags, flashlights and snacks. I kinda took on a leadership role in my group so I pretended nothing bothered me. I explored every room with my friends until we got to the basement. In the basement sat a room that had slide locks on the top and bottom of the door. We all stood outside that door just looking at one another waiting for someone to make a move. No one did. Instead, they looked at me. I manned up, unlocked the door and entered. None of my friends would follow. Inside, sat a table with restraints on both sides. It was a doctor's table. I heard a laugh and what sounded like an electric charge ramping up. I turned to run, the door slammed. I pounded and pounded. I could hear my pals trying to open the door but it wouldn't budge. The laugh intesified. Frightened, I turned around. On the table lied a woman strapped down and laughing. I could barely see the table under her but she was just transparent enough for me to know, she was a specter. She laughed, lifing herself out of the restraints. She smiled and charged at me. I felt her enter my body. It was cold. I shivered not able to shake the feeling of cold chills moving up and down my back.

Ever since that day, I hear the laugh, get the chills and see visions from the insane asylum. My walk in, the entitiy sharing my body shows me everyday what she had to go through. And worst off, I see my and can feel my Grandfather strapping her down. In thrity years, she has never left me or given me a day without these visions.
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May 15, 2012