I Think I Have A Gift

i have always had some paranormal goings on happen to me when i was born my family lived in a old house from what mom told me i was about 8-9months old and she put me in my cot and withina hour i was crying and when she enterd the rom u=i was under the cot and my toy on my wordrobe was on and from that nite mom kept me in her room as no one would go in my room including the cat why i dont know anyway for the next 2 years my mom experienced many things but mainly a shadow at the end of there bed in uniform abut when i was i around 4 i clearly renember i seen a old laady with a basket walking down the stairs i pointed this out to my family and my dad ran to find her and there was no one there and aparentlly i had been drawing this woman for days before ... anyway we moved into my grandads house nothing much happend there apart from the odd light comeing on door opening ect but when i was around 10 we lived in a flat and i renember one night clear as day my dad was away working and my mom had some mates stay over and i had to sleep on the sofa so one of her mates a male had my room and i hated this guy and i never wanted him in my room anyway in the night about 2 in the morning i heard a scream and loads of banging from my room y mother heard the same i grabbed her hand and we pend my bedroom door to see this tall fully grown man crying like a baby in the corner my mom went to him asked what the hell had happend and he looked up he had a hand print around his neck my wadrobe was on the floor an the matress was turned over anyway he looked at me and said its her get her away from me so i went in moms room whe she spoke to him apperentlly some shadow had grabbed him by the nect threw him acrosss the room and he was told to get out of the room thats whn we came in .....about 2 years later cause of my dads work we moved again this time to america (was in uk ) but while we was packing i had a glass of ribina on the window sill an i was walking out of the door when i heard a thump i waliked back in the room and the ribeena was spashed up the door and on the floor and the glass had been put back in the window well we moved and nothing else ever happend we only lived america for 6 months and but since i was about 14 i have seen a little girl follow me she taps me when i'm busy to get my attention but i allways catch her when he goes out of doors i have never seen her but she appears when i'm down and lonely i also see my nan from time to time i'm 30 and she died 29 years ago,but after i was marred and my daughter was born my husband seen his dad looking over our daughter on the sofa then ha just faded away.but 2 years ago me and some freinds started ghost hunting in old buildings ad local grave yards i have taken some amazing photes of orbs shoothing orbs and a lady holding a baby i also got pushed over one nite when we all played tape back we heard what appear to be footsteps running up from behind me we have also had some voice recordings of screams not ours very creepy stuff.
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May 16, 2012