Love Triangle

I never expected this to happen to me. I've seen this plenty of times on tv and never thought it would actually happen to me. Let me explain...

I currently have a terrific boyfriend for almost 17 months now. We are happy in love and adore each other. He is in the Air Force, which was hard to handle at first but now that he is back at home from all his training; I can spend most of my time with him. He makes me feel so special and cares about me so much that words can't explain. I feel the same way towards him. But there is just one issue... there's another boy that likes me A LOT and well I don't know if I like him as a friend or more than friends?!?

We met in math class. He caught my attention by being hilarious and always hitting his arm against the wall. Once we started talking, it was a connection right away! He is so down to earth like my boyfriend now & is just like my current boyfriend. I was having trouble in math one day and asked for him for help. I thought we could meet up someplace so he could help me with math.(Keep in mind, he really likes me). After the math session, he walked me to my car like a gentlemen does and as we were saying goodbye.. he kissed me! Being in surprise, I kissed him back, even though I know I shouldn't of.

Because of my guilty conscious, I later told me boyfriend about the kiss. He took it the way I expected & knew everything was going downhill. I kept telling him "it ment nothing" which it did! He just needed some space but we soon regained our relationship and went back to normal. I still talked to my math guy even though that's not the smart thing to do. I mean, he was still my friend. I couldn't abdonen him right then. Besides, I could use the help in math. Months after this incident happened, my boyfriend caught me texting him.. I deleted the texts right infront of my boyfriend. STUPID! It seemed to him like I was hiding the conversation from him... which actually I was. We weren't sexting or anything.. so my boy got upset once again & had a "chat" with him. Lets just say the math guy isnt suppose to talk or text me anymore. I am not suppose to communicate with him either. But me and the math guy talked and cleared somethings up and yeah... we began to talk again.

My issue is this.. I've hung out with math guy a few times and a kiss or two... or making out has happened. I feel terrible but at the same time okay whenever this happens. I just don't know what to believe my heart says. My heart says my boyfriend but my brain says the math guy. Who do I believe? I seem to have a lot of fun with math guy but I also have a lot of fun with my boyfriend. I'm just confused if I'm falling for the math guy or I just made mistakes.. My boyfriend does NOT know that I am talking to him or have even hung out with him.. This makes me feel terrible. I know if I tell him any of this then the relationship will be over. I really do care about my boyfriend & dont want to hurt him. But I already have! :(. I just am not sure what to honestly do. Do I stay with what I think is "the one" or do I break up with him and go for math guy. I mean he already likes me & i like him. I just don't know what kind of liking... Is it "I like you" or "I like like you"...

Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you for whoever will contribute! :)

Thanks for reading & I hope this isnt too dramatic for ya!
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Wow... Make up your mind... I know this is hard but, don't be a player. I once had 4 girlfriends at one time and when I got into some serious trouble, none where there for me. I simply could make up my mind so, I lost everything.