Weird Mist

It was June 2009 and I was just coming out of a bad spell in my life for the past few months I had depression, I was on my own reading a magazine and I started to feel very tired it was 10 o'clock at night, and I kept re reading the same line I couldn't take it in my eye's were heavy then all of a sudden I looked up and seen a bright white oval shape it vanished within seconds I didn't think much of it and carried on reading my magazine when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye i looked up and could see a weird mist through my glass cabinate the only way i can describe it, is it was like ciggarrett smoke it was at the side of me but when I looked at the side of me i couldn't see it but I could when I looked through the cabinet, I was so scared all the hairs on my leg stood up and my heart was pounding I sat there scared to move but it was still there in end I got up and ran from the house to my boyfriends I didn't even lock the door o just wanted to get away as soon as I got outside i started crying i haven't seen it since and I don't want to, does anyone know what the mist was?
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pray and say "Evil cannot dwell in the prescense of the Lord." Just in case it's evil.

it's an incubus

What's one of them?

SORRY if this sounds crazy but,

a spirit is trying to contact you and tell you something, a white oval shaped light is a good spirit. basically trying to tell you not to be depressed and that things will get better, when you got scared it vanished it does not want to harm you but only bring goodness to you. the mist is a tough one. is it a medicine cabinet? if so have you thought about suicide with the meds? basically your experience is trying to tell you that its OK and your are worth something greater.

By the way no I don't have hairy legs lol it's a figure of speech my legs got goose pimples wich felt like the hairs on my leg stood up but I dint have hair there for it to stand up xxxx

I believe in ghosts too but omg this is scary specially that u were alone :s

Tell me about it whoever it was wanted me to notice them I was that scared I cried lol I don't do spirits can't handle it xxxx

a really strong spirit

Ohhh no this was real i was so alert when i seen that it scared the crap out of me it use to jingel my door keys did it once when I was pregnant and again when Ryan was a few day's old I looked outside no one was there n I had no pets then xxx

Sounds intense, it could also be because you're tired though, when you're tired your eyes might get foggy.

No I keep seeing white feathers every time I go out though and at one point I found on two occasions 20 pound once on my kitchen floor, once in my jean pocket wich had been through the wash I thought that was strange and every now and again I see bright sparks of light's like orbs but really bright I only see them for a split second appareny my two year old son can see them too xxx

it was probably a spirit but not a bad one as like you said you havent seen it since. it was probably a relative orsomeone you cared for who has died recently or if not recently just someone you cared for who was just checkin in on you to see your OK. The ones that keep comin back are the ones you have more to worry about. You shouldn't be scared though bad or good. Hope this makes you feel better