It was January this year and I woke up in middle of night to find I couldn't move any part of my body, my eye's were open but I couldn't lift anything this went on for a minute, but iv had weird going's on in this house before like one night my dog zaber started acting weird he was looking at the door and making weird noise's after that I felt a chill in the room and something tickle back of my neck.
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This has happen again 3 nights ago ,,,, same again i was in bed asleep woke up i tryed to sit up, move my arms but i couldn't do anything the only thing i could do was open my eyes and look around it felt like something was on top of me this went on for 3 to 4 minutes:-/

Can I ask you a question ..... I realize it was scary but what else if you can remember was going through your mind? What went through your mind when the event with your dog happened?

It felt like something was Watchin me,, wanted to Say something,,,,, i have gone to See a psychin they said i have something with me Watchin me all the time and they also said do i Ever feel like your not alone but your the only one in the room at the time

it's not a ghost, it's a demon, and if you dont do anything to get the demons out of your house, the happenings will continue to manifest and get worse.

that pinning down thing means a ghost is trying to tell you something important

How is that trying to tell me summert that's scarying **** out of me xxx

Or your paralysis could've been that you were really half asleep and half awake. Meaning you were possibly partially outside of your body trying to get back in. That phenomena is called Astral Katalepsi or (Catalepsi) that's happened to me at least 5 times...

That has happened to be since I was at least 6 years old and it still happens. I'm now 22 and it still scares me. It isn't a good feeling at all. My grandmother practiced witchcraft and told me that one time she felt like that and actually floated out of her body. She visited different rooms in the house and saw me watching television, even told me what i was watching! pretty creepy. But maybe one day I'll excersize it

yeah thats when they get desperate.It used to happen to me alot.There's nothing you can do really but wait it out

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How did you feel after it happen? :)