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Before I was born my Moms brother michael was killed in the line of duty he was a police officer my mom was around 11 I think there was a huge gap but any ways when I was born I was named Maddy and when I sarted learning to all I said weird thing I would seek away from the adults or at least i thought i was and start talking to someone named michael when my mom asked what I was doing I said talking to my friend she asks me what his name was thinking it was cute and I said Michael he lives here oh nana and papa he said he's my friend and he doesn't have to look over you anymore he's my friend. Or somthing along those lines my mom flipped my dad Diden't believe in ghosts butt this freckled him out whenever I was at my nana and papas house I would talk to him it was relly weird and i did it for a while i dont remember because i was like 1 but my mom has told me al the stories
Hugesinger Hugesinger 31-35, F 2 Responses Aug 4, 2012

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Creeeppy shiittt, lolol. Cooll story though.