I Welcome All Spirits

I haven't had much experience with the undead in any form. The closest thing I've experienced is once when I was a child I woke up in the middle of the night and seen these white figures walking around my room. They were odd shapes and looked as if they were made of fog.
Another time recently, in the place I live now, I seen what looked like heat waves localized in a blob moving around my room like it was alive.
I feel that there are more spirits around me, that this place might have some spirits in it. But nothing has manifested for me. I don't think they will appear for me because I'll have so many questions for them to answer. Maybe I wouldn't take it seriously enough, I have a tendency to do that as well. I'm rather detached from the world around me. I'm much more interested in the world inside of me.

I would love to meet a ghost and form a friendship, help lost souls move on. I think that would be a great calling. When I move on from this life, I would love it if someone was there to help.

This isn't a long story because I haven't had much ghost experience.
quinndragosen quinndragosen
26-30, M
Aug 14, 2012