Dead Asleep

Well I moved to a different location a week ago and last night was the first night my son didn't wake me up until morning.

I was sleeping and for some reason I became agitated. I yelled out "Leave me alone" and woke myself up. When I awake I saw a white grayish mist leave my room and ran into the wall to my neighbors.

I didn't care to see what it was or why it was there. I just know it left and I went back to sleep.
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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Yikes! I dont think Id say "Dead"asleep!

This was the first time I saw it, I just know I woke up like someone punched me in the teeth. So I just wrote it off as me being sick and blowing my nose too much. Whatever it was, it bothered me spiritually

have you seen it since? Or did it just leave you alone?

I have seen something else but dont know where they are but they do not enter my room until something last night did but it was not evil