They Are Real

now I know this sounds crazy but I really do believe in ghosts and I guess you have to see 1 to believe it and I have...

The first time this happened I was 11 my cousin had died and about a month later I was sleeping woke up to a sound and saw him out my window... The next incident I was 16 and I would have my lights turn on & off, I had one of those touch lamps, I would see an indent in my bed at night where someone was sitting...I wasn't closet door would always open and close and then 1 night my mom said that she could see a girl in our house, my dad thought we were crazy but one night the tv in his bedroom was turning off & on, then switching channels by themselves... He took the battieries out of the remote & unplugged the tv & the activity still happened... turns out there was a car accident & the girl who lived their before died... Next event I was 18 my nino died 2 years prior... I was in my room all of a sudden my candles lit up & my stereo played "You are not Alone" by Michael Jackson, which was played at his funeral... I cried & thanked him for coming to me. I didnt handle his death well... I usually have my family members come to me & tell me theyre okay, if not "in person" in a dream.... My mother could see ghosts too, her brother passed away he was a heavy smoker she said she could hear him coughing all the time shed see him at school, & then she come home to all the cupboards open... So yeah right now I think my son can hes always playing with an imaginary friend...
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Holy balls!!!

me and my cousin saw two ghosts playing together and jumping beside the river nile .. it was at 3 am .. we looked to them and looked to each other and run :)

Lol I can imagine!

My son is 12 now but when he was younger he would always say did you say something, did you see that person standing there? At first i was like WTF but i did some research, and young kids have the tendency to see these spirits/ghost he was not scared of them. And did not see anybody in particular just random. It's been a while since i've heard him say anything but he's 12 so dont know if he's embarresd of just dont see then anymore.

It deffinately runs in the family. I think my son can see them too, but he's only 8 months. Since he was 2 months he gets distracted by something unseen. I can see energy shifts, but ghosts are usually seen when they want to be, so even though I can tell there's something there I can't see the details of it. I think its because it is for Him to see and not me. Anyway, I have no doubt that he sees them like me, my mom, and my brothers. Thanks for sharing.