The Proof Is There To Find

I have no doubt in my mind that ghosts are real. How can I be sure? Because I have seen spirits for as long as I can remember. Spirits are all around us. There are many reasons for spirits to roam this plane, and I won't pretend to have all the answers, but after 30 years of experiencing what others consider to be paranormal it all seems pretty normal to me.
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Hi M.Mama, I tend to agree that we live in the same space as it were as what we call the spirit world, but it is mostly inaccessible to us. I do think that we generally underestimate how easy it is to communicate with the spirit world, we are naturally wired to do this. In my experience anybody who really wants to can make contact, what they make contact with is not so clear.

A lot of literature describes the seven levels of heaven or the afterword. I imagine that the plane which we describe as the afterword is just the first level, where a lot of unresolved souls hang out, they seem to have some level of access to this earthly plane, particularly around Samhain (Halloween) or so the old Celts believed. If you read accounts of astral travellers or those who have communicated with the dead, presumably on this plane, it seems that those in that plane cannot see beyond it either. (see a very interesting account where the Anglican bishop of California communicated with his dead son who describes the 'afterlife')

I have no doubt that time and space are viewed differently from the next plane thus allowing spirits who reside there to prognosticate (often) correctly on the future equally i think that enlightened souls do not spend much time in this limbo zone either being as the various Buddhist lamas reborn back into this realm or moving quickly to the higher realms.

It is questionable what if any benefit can be gotten out of interaction with this realm as i imagine there are a lot of sad angry and simply confused spirits and other entities there many of whom are fixated on this realm and seek any possibility to return or interact here. Human history and present day are full of people interacting on various levels with specific and dubious entities from the horrible blood sacrifices of the Incas to African village deities. It would be nice to say that they got nothing out of this; but this was always a transaction for power.

I imagine we would be shocked if we new the full truth of those past and present who have accumulated power through invocating and supplicating entities from the spirit world. I suspect however that nothing good comes from this and it turns sour in the medium to long term; and sooner or later, as in the picture of Dorian Grey and other tales, the consequences of black magic are revisited upon its originator no matter what precautions are taken.

On the other hand there is quite a lot to be gained out of meditation on the higher forces and higher realms and operating and sharing in the true energy of the universe. If this is what white magic is then it is a good thing.

Thanks. You make some interesting arguments. I have been traveling other planes for close to 20 years. The thought that what you describe as enlightened spirits, or even unenlightened ones for that matter, are not able to do the same is reaching to say the least. I also see the other planes as levels, but I don't believe that communicating with the spirit world means lost and confused souls are the only ones who answer. Also, this story has nothing to do with black, grey, or white magick. Infact using colors to describe magick is for people who do not understand what Real Witchcraft is.

No I see your story is not advocating any type / colour of magic. I was just getting carried off there. I am sure you are right that in communicating with the spirit world the lost and confused are not the only ones who answer back. I suppose the old and ancient idea of the spirit guide is a good reminder of that or the guardian angel which is maybe the same idea in another context.
Whichever i would say that like a blind person with a dog you would surly need a guide in this strange place. Do you have one?
I would be very interested to know more about your travels in these realms.

I have met 3 in my life. 2 have contacted me durring very hard times in my life, and one has been with me since childhood.

I have avoided major detail in the past for fear of offering tmi to ignorant people. Certain places and knowledge I consider sacred and shouldn't be misused. I have considered sharing more, and may do so in future stories. I think not enough people are careful about what secrets they share about their craft. Thanks for your comments.

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