Mrs. Crockett Wants To Play

The house that my partner and I live in was built in 1896. It belonged to an old seamstress, Mrs Crockett and her sister. While I am not certain of all the facts regarding the house, I do know that Mrs. Crockett died inside it and upon her passing, the house was boarded up and not a single thing touched until my partner's parents purchased the it in the 40's. My mother-in-law says that when they opened it up for the first time, it was like opening a time capsule. My partner was born, raised, and now subsequently owns and is restoring this house.

Mrs. Crockett has always had a very strong presence in this house. She use to appear to my partner's late father in the bathroom mirror while he was shaving. She also likes to lurk around the old parlor, which is now our billiards room and the foyer. When my partner and I first started dating, she would tell me stories about coming home and all of the kitchen cabinets being open and all the interior doors to the house being closed when they were suppose to be open. She would tell me about the thuds in the middle of the night. She claimed these things never bothered her and that truthfully, she liked playing games with Mrs. Crockett. She said her old dalmatian would play fetch with Mrs. Crockett in the kitchen. My partner would hear the ball bouncing and see Tuffy chasing after it and watch as he would nose it towards something in the corner and watch as the ball would go flying on it's own across the room.

I was skeptical. I mean, I believe in ghosts and know that my grandmother is in my parents house but I just figured she was there because we are family and in her way, she is taking care of us. I had never really seen anything other than my Granny. The second I stepped into my partner's home, I instantly had an out of body experience. I remember everything about those first 10 minutes. I remember watching myself take the tour of the house and interacting with my partner for the first time in person (we met on line.) I remember feeling this overwhelming sense of peacefulness and calm. I remember feeling like I had just walked into my home, a home that I had been to a million times before. I remember laying in bed with my partner that night and basking in the afterglow of finally being home with the one I belonged to in the place I belonged in and asking her if she heard the music. She chuckled and said no. I heard it though. A music box. The sweet melody you hear as you watch the ballerina dance. It was coming from the left corner of the room near the door that led to the grand foyer.

Okay, so I was hearing music, big deal, right? I wanted another test. I wanted proof that she was actually there, so that Saturday, while my partner was in the shower, I went into the billiards room and introduced myself to Mrs. Crockett. I thanked her for welcoming me into her home and for allowing me to spend time with her friend. I took the cue ball and moved it to one side of the pool table. I told Mrs. Crockett, if you are okay with me being here, let me know. I left the room and didn't think anything else about it until Sunday when my partner and I were walking through the billiards room and I noticed the cue ball was now on the other side of the table, opposite from where I had placed it. I asked her if she had moved it and she said no. She said she had just had that whole side of the house leveled and there was no reason for anything to be off. I told her what I had done and she laughed and said, well, I guess she is okay with you being here. As if that wasn't sign enough, a few weekends later, my partner and I were sitting on the love seat together, snuggling and watching a movie when something caught the corner of my eye. I looked over just in time to see a foggy apparition jump from the doorway of the foyer to the doorway of the billiards room. I got a chill on that one.

Fast forward a year and a half later and I am now a full time resident in Mrs.Crockett's home. There really hasn't been too much activity until this week. Now, I work 3rd shift so I sleep during the day and work at night. This past Monday, I came home from work ill and got up Tuesday morning to go to the doctor. My partner was still home when I left, but was gone to work when I got home. So I'm home, traipsing through the house, doing my thing when I notice a light on in the billiards room. The overhead chandeliers are original to the house and kind of tall for me. Usually when light is turned on in this room, it comes from a bulb other than the one that was actually on. I thought to myself, hmmm, okay, maybe my partner was getting something out of my closet (my closet is in the pool room)  and forgot to turn the light off. I rationalized every possibility as to why that light was on in the mid morning. Nothing. When my partner got home, I asked her if she turned it on before she left and she said no. Okay. Mrs. Crockett wants to play. I went into the billiards room and laughed and told her she got me.

Yesterday, around 3 pm or so, I was chilling in the living room, watching TV and resting before I had to go to work, when I heard 3 knocks...knock knock knock coming from the front door. I immediately got up, checked the windows looking out onto the front porch and the street. Nothing. No one was there. I laid back down and had just gotten comfortable when I heard it again, knock knock knock. This time I went into our bedroom and looked out that window. Nothing. Just as I was about to sit down again, knock knock knock. I was like, really? Haven't you had enough fun Mrs. Crockett? This time I went out the side door and approached the front porch from the exterior. I'll be damned if there was not a single person there. I told my partner about these latest instances and she just shook her head and said, do you believe me now?

Yes, Mrs. Crockett, I do believe.
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I love this story! I had a very similar experience with a music box! I was at my grandmother in laws house. My mother in law was sitting in the middle with me and my g/mother in law on each side. All of a sudden I heard this music the old music boxes that go ting ting ting..yaknow..? Right away I knew I couldn't explain it so I look over at my MIL and she was watching tv with no worries. Then i look at my GMIL and she was smiling at me...she said "did you hear that?" I said.."I heard something"...(trying not to look to freaked out) she said "the music box!" yea..I freaked!

Being from Texas my self.I have to wonder if Your ghost was married to a decendent of
Davey Crockett? He was known for being a prankster,with a big sense of humor!

Not sure. I live in McKinney near Dallas.

im in Denton county in Aubrey.On land that once belonged to the indians.I have found a few arrow heads.I spend a lot of time in the woods with my camera.once in a while i get some strange shadows or globes in my pics when I put them on my computer.

My partners neice lives in Anna and her home has a very dark male spirit who messes with her 3 yr old and 12 yr old sons. This is a newer house in an addition but this spirit is native to the land. You can feel him when you walk into the house. He jacked with me once while I was babysitting alone and I had to forcefully tell him to stop. These spirits can get out of hand sometimes.