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My grandparents' house has belonged to the family since my grandfather bought it in 1925, it was a huge house that was home to the grandparents and their 10 children, one of whom was my mother. During her childhood, her grandparents, various aunts, uncles and cousins came to live with the family and different people passed away in the house (from natural causes, usually).It had the reputation of being haunted even when I was small.

There was a back bedroom in the house, that even on the hottest and muggiest of New Orleans summer days was always freezing cold, whether the air conditioning was on or not. A young relative of my mother's had hanged himself in that room, after a love affair ended badly. I wasn't told about that until much older. My siblings, cousins and I played and even slept in that room, without a care. It was often the most comfortable place to be.  

During my childhood I remember many happy times spent there with my relatives, and the stories that the grandparents, uncles and aunts would tell about our family. All of my mothers' siblings had moved out except her youngest brother, and eventually he married and left as well. When I was 25, my grandmother passed away (the same year I lost my husband and child), and when I was able, I went to visit my grandfather, who at the time was living in the house alone. He was bitter about the losses of grandmaman and my family, and he also complained angrily about the increased crime in the neighbourhood. He said he always had his shotgun nearby, and he kept my grandmother's rifle in the bedroom.

Not too long afterwards, some young men broke into the house. My grandfather waited with his shotgun ready. He was 90 years old and said later that he stayed out of sight because he wasn't going to be a hero, but he would do what he needed to, to stay alive. Suddenly he heard a gun blast, and footsteps running out of the house. He said he thought a neighbour had come, and was very grateful. A neighbour had seen the men loitering around, and had called the police. They were coming up to the house, just as the men came running out---right into their custody.

After the burglars were taken away, my uncle who lived closest was called and met my grandfather and a couple of officers who remained behind, at the house. The officer who was getting information for the report asked my grandfather if they could also speak to the "lady of the house". My grandfather told him sadly that she was deceased, he was alone. The policemen, puzzled, exchanged glances and told him that the burglars had run out when faced by a very tall woman with a rifle, who they said had shot at them. The officer further said the police had also gotten a glimpse of her peering out of the door, before she went back into the house.

Then the policemen saw a portrait of my grandmother, all 5'11 of her, and identified her as the woman they had all seen.

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its an interesting story u have . we often dis believe things which conventional science cant prove, that doesnt make it less true.
some stories do baffle everyone, like the once u jst shared.
i make it a point to keep an open mind.
100 yrs ago there were no airplanes, and ppl laughed at that thought.


I can say that I don't believe in ghosts, but there are also things that I cannot explain. Like the things you mentioned in your story, or the things in my own life. Our old house was full of weird things, I am too young to remember events, but all my siblings and my mum talk about it. The house was empty for 10 years (not sure why) until we resided in it. All of them tell me that when I was about 3 year old or so, I would keep pointing at the air saying that there is a cat there, where no one saw any cats, but they would hear the sound of cats at some nights. A couple of my siblings and my mum would see my father walking in the house, only to realise that my father had already left the house and hour back, or they would see him leaving the house, yet later they would all see my father leaving AGAIN. One of the things I remember as I was a little older, is me and my brother and sister playing on the street, we would look up and see my father watching us from the window, but then my father would already be outside the house. They say that for many times they would leave the living room all messed up after they have spend the night in it, only to wake up the next day and find it all organised with the AC switched on. My mum says she had felt, heard and seen weird things that I won't be done if I start talking about.

The idea of ghosts sounds a little silly to me, but I think all of us has experienced these weird scary feelings that we can't explain, and this makes me wonder!

The house I grew up in had a ghost. It was grandpa.

Beautiful story.....she never left his side....

Do you have an instagram?

I believe too - good on your grandmother!! X

I believe in ghosts but I thinks it's a rare occur acne to encounter one. However it seems your grandmother is definitely still around and probably for your grandfather :)


That is so cool! I'm happy your grandmother is still there, protecting the house! (And your family!) XD

My grandmother passed away when I was a child , but I will always remember her picture falling off the wall and smashing minutes before the phone call from the hospital to say she had died ... coincidence ? - I don't think so.

Oooh, I love stories like this, sends a shiver up my spine! Thank you for posting this! :-)

Thanks for posting this. I am amazed at how the world has changed -- how minds seems to be able to see, more and more, things beyond the ordinary. Great post.

I did not want to copy the whole thing, just the writting "death is nothing at all" and I hope it will give you comfort.

great story, I believe in ghosts also.

also I am sorry you lost your husband and a child. I lost an adult son many years ago, losing a child of any age is the worst lost of all. No one can understand the grief involved, except those who have been through it.

wow...great story....Loved it.thank you for sharing.

<p>Your loved ones who have passed over also contact you via your dreams.I have had three very vivid dreams of my mother,years after she passed away at a time when I was going through a difficult period,was being bullied at work.I had not been thinking about her when I had these dreams,we had not been particularly close because of circumstances,but I then realised going by the contents of the dreams that in spite of all appearances she must have cared a lot about me.</p>

Those aren't really dreams....those are called visitations. I've had more than a few of those of my aunt. She came to me in a dream and apologized to me for leaving me the way that she did, she said that her body just couldn't go on anymore. I told her that I understood and hugged and kissed felt so real and vivid,that I woke up with tears in my eyes because I knew from now on, I could only see her in my dreams...never again in real life the way I wanted to....I miss her terribly. And I honestly don't believe that I'll ever truly recover from her death no matter how long I may live....

I always believed that our loved ones remain near us after passing away for as long as we need them.Love is the bridge that connect us to them and also allow them to reach us.Many stories have been told of people being protected and given guidance by loved ones who have passed on,even loving pets can still remain near while one still grieves,I personally know this to be true.Knowing this, it is reassuring and heartwarming to know that we will meet them again,that death is NOT the end.Our loved ones who have passed on,can be said to be our guardian angels.

i too have ghost experience , they visited me many times they leached my energy , its scary i even felt death 2, 3 times , i did a mistke by invoking them once

Would the people of this group think I'm a 'bad' or 'close-minded' person if I told you all that ghosts don't exist!?

Well, if you must know, I enjoy reading well-written stories. I enjoyed reading one of your stories from, I think 'Black People (Sticking Together)' or something close to this. I guess you've helped me with answering my own question. I probably am close-minded when it comes to believing in ghosts. I'm not against believing in the possibility of spirits. I like to read about subjects that spark some controversy! Thanks for the great stories, regardless of whether I believe what you believe in!

Then I would ask you,how do you know they do not exist? You who DID NOT have that experience are telling someone who HAD that Ghosts do not exist!! Please keep an open mind, because you just do not know and should not dismiss other people's experiences.

Great story. The house sounds like one that would be very hard to sell.
I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband and child. I can relate.

I have lots of wonderful New Orleans memories from my own youth. I realize that the city made multiple transitions over the years but I think I can still remember how it was before the freeways and newer bridges and how it transitioned. Where (about) is the house?

...she must have really loved her husband...

Maybe also a reminder that relationships you have here continues on in the next life...

Thank you for sharing :)

Wow!! I so wish I had a deceased guardian angel! Maybe I have on after all, but haven't met them yet.. :(

Some have said "no such thing as ghost" When we die we go to one place or another.-{it is our choice which one} NOW--many times in sc<x>ripture it reads do not call up the dead, WHY?--WELL-if your parents said stay away from the oven or you will get burnt. Would they have to warn you if it were not possible?--SO--If our heavenly father tells us do not call up the dead, it must be possible. I don't -- I won't.--But if they come calling on their own, I'm at a loss. For those who are not afraid to read sc<x>ripture, just for curiosity , look up 1st Sam: V-28.

...have you ever thought that "do not call up the dead" is part of worldly indoctrination to MAKE people NOT BELIEVE, to make them forget about their spiritual origins?

I really enjoyed your story. I sent it to my girlfriend's email. This is the kind of story that she really enjoys. Thankk you for posting the story.

wow,i believe that,my folks live in new orleans to,it dose have a spooky side in history that is still active ,

... because there the people actually BELIEVED...


My wife died suddenly from a seizure disorder nine years ago, she woke up saying that she did not feel well and asked me to take our kids to school, I got home about 45 minutes later to find hr

Good for her, I luv this amazing story.

Love ones do care and God help them to remember one way or other.

oh gosh that is freaky did they ever find the woman????

... NO she found the burglars..

So good to read. Very good story.

That was a great story...thank you for sharing.

Indeed one of the best true ghost stories I have read. Thank you for a good read. I'm also sorry to hear of your losses. With kindest regards, DF

Wow! What a great story!

I felt gooseflesh while reading this story. Beautiful though :D

That was just awesome.....never heard one like this its true that people closest to us still stay back ,even if they are really gone...amazing indeed!!!!!

Wonderful story; never had that dramatic of an encounter. Really appreciate you sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story. I've always felt that our loved ones who have passed on have some way of watching over us at times---and hopefully reading about your grandfather's experience will make some people less skeptical about there being anything beyond death.

A great story, well told. Thank you. Many years ago I lived in an old house in the North-East of England which had been modernised and had reeded glass sliding doors downstairs, through which I sometimes saw a dark figure of a man walk past. In my early days there I used to rush out to see who it was in my house but after a while I came to realise that it was not a person at all and I learned to live with it. My two sons were then aged four and five years old respectively, and would often cry out in the night saying that "The crying man" had been standing by their beds. When I asked about him they said that he was very sad and cried all the time but that he was nice to them as he loved children, but they were still scared of him because he looked so awful. We only stayed there a short while and when we sold-up the estate agent (real estate in the US) told us that a previous occupant had hanged himself in the stairwell when his wife had left him and taken the children with her and he could not live without them.

This is amazing! I'm so glad I read this. I've felt the presence of spirits but have never seen one yet. This must have affected your grandfather very deeply. Thanks for sharing!

I loved your story! It gave me goose bumps!

loved your story. thanks.


Good story

My neighbor became and embalmer in his late teens. His family has been in the funeral Business for decades and still are today.
He shared a story about respecting the deceased.

While in his early 20's, married and living above the funeral home, he and his wife were waken by knocking. He went down to the parlor with a pistol I hand and walked from room to room. When he came to the prep room where a deceased female was laying, she was turned on her side with her eyes wide open.

He laid her back on her back, closed her eyes and said he went to bed. His lesson, always respect the dead. He has relayed probably 6 stories of his own accounts in and out of the industry, including the 200 year old home he and his family live in.

I'm a believer. Great story to the lady that started this discussion. ave a great week.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Your grandma sounds cool.

Very cool. Wilde is 5'11" and I know she would have certainly shot those men. Great ghost story. I think we all have angels watching out for us.


That gave me goose bumps and made my hair stand on end. My scalp is still tingling.

I love it! Glad to hear that your grandmother was still watching over your grandfather. Love!

I enjoyed your retelling of your home's history. Sounds like your grandmother is not going to allow anyone to bring home to those she cares about.

They are with us some good, some evil

Wowwwwww, that's amazing!

i've had similar experiences, my mom passed away in the spring of 2003 when i was 10 and everything she had and had ever given to me became immensely precious. i was on the playground a month or so later wearing an anklet she got me for christmas and when i got home i realized it had fallen off. i was hysterical and after checking my pockets, my shoes, and literally everywhere else it could be my dad drove me back to the playground where we both searched under the swings and by the monkey bars. i was heartbroken over that little anklet. i woke up the next morning to the thought that i need to check my pants pocket, so i did and there it was! i hadn't taken it off before it was lost, so i really have no rational reasoning as to how it ended up there. but i'm pretty sure my mom had something to do with it.

... little things to MAKE you believe...


When I was little, we lived in a farmhouse where a widow had died of lung cancer. I wasn't told this until we moved out. But all throughout my childhood, I had the sense that someone was watching me from the foot of my bed when I slept. A horrible feeling. I had crazy insomnia for years, and insisted my sister sleep in my room with me.

One very early, blue-gray morning, I woke up earlier than everyone else and thought it would be a funny joke to sneak into the living room and sleep on the couch, where my mother would find me and be pleased that I was over my fear of sleeping alone. I remember clearly NOT being afraid of being alone that morning. I walked across the front hall to the living room, snuggled up on the couch, and was just getting cozy when I heard a woman's voice whisper my name. I called out, "Mom?" But got no answer. The silence instantly terrified me. I became convinced there was someone standing in the entry, waiting for me to peak out over the back of the couch.

I wrapped my blanket over my head so that I couldn't see -- seeing was the worst thing I could imagine -- and ran back to my bedroom.

A couple years later, I was alone at home, barricaded in my sister's bedroom watching TV, when the door handle to her room jiggled, turned, and the door opened a few inches. I watched it, and it slowly stopped. I tried to reason to myself that it was air pressure or something. (I was a pretty reasonable child.) But as I watched the door, it started opening again. From a dead rest, slowly opening wider and wider. I jumped up, slammed the door shut, and ran out of the house by way of my sister's bathroom.

I had a vivid imagination as a child, but these instances were all when I was preoccupied with something else, and not in any state to imagine myself into a panic.



Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

i'll second that

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From time to time you've probably observed my antipathy to some aspects of America. That's about America the concrete shopping mall, talk show host, brought to you by...

There is another side I love, rich in cultural beauty and character, a rich literary tradition of stories well-told in an authentic voice, fascinating people who build stories with their lives, architecture with history and soul... You strongly reflect that part of America for me, and this story is steeped in all of that. I can almost smell the old house and feel an atmosphere of a specific place and time I've never experienced, but pieced together in glimpses and snippets from a thousand sources - and then you inhabit it and bring it to life. Thanks.

I am so sorry for the loss of your husband and child.

Your story gave me chills!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Wow! Chilling tale! I did not realize that you had suffered such a grievous loss in your life. I am so sorry.

A cousin recently had to sell a home that had been in my Mother's family since the late 19th century. The neighborhood had simply become too dangerous. There was so much history in that place. The garden and grape arbors my grandfather built were still there.

Anyway... Wonderful story.

That is amazing, she is the angel watching over him and everything I love that. God's Blessings.

This is something science cannot explain, only people who have experienced it will know it.

Wow, I like this story. My father died from cancer, my oldest neice was in the bedroom a long time, when asked where she was playing with grandpa.

That is a truly impressing story. I heard more of those, and have read well documented cases with similar experiences. People having encounters with the deceased.

Boo! Do you believe it?


I only live in haunted houses, they are much friendlier.

... whaat IS THAT supposed to mean? That because everyone wants attention they are much more open to love? he he he he

Whoa, that's an creepy, but awesome story =D

Awesome story!

Whoa! That's quite creepy.
Great story.

Yikes ! .......I told ya I scare easy...... :)