Seeing Is Believing???

As a little girl i remember that I always feared ghosts, I try to think back if I even saw one but my childhood is a blur the only thing i can remember was when i got seperated from my mother at such a young age, remembering with the mean babysitters, that anxiety when i saw my father leave to work early in the morning and never having to see him again til late at night....

As i grew older i simply started to believe beyond the grave, that there were others watching over us, i was able to feel someone watching but there was no one, hear stuff and such.I fully believed in ghost about three years ago, with all of the bad vibes that went through my house i started to pick up more, I had a friend who enhanced the ability, soon enough there was that ghost, the guyboyman (It was hard to tell he wore a cloak) with the bird tattoo on his arm.(I've seen a little boy in a cute sailor outfit but thats a whole different story =])

People who entered my house and spend the night would ask all of a sudden if there was someone else spending the night over, they would hear heavy footsteps, clanging of pots, opening and closing of doors, more "scary" how they put it seeing a figure sit by my bed, all the saw was the bird tattoo on his arm. It wasn't to long when my mother started to pick up his nightly visits, to the point that he had scared her in the middle of the night over her bed. My sister to started to pick up on it as well, she would wake up with bite marks or felt breathing over her face that send chills up her spine.

Me on the other hand, i only felt light touches over my face or my arms if they were out of the blankets sort of like carasses. At time i felt breathing near my neck or warm of a body next to me(yet cold at the same moment i remember complaining alot about that XD), there were time that i though it was my sister getting in next to me but she always made a face at me when i asked her the next morning. Many times i felt a quick peck, or a tugging that sat me up when i wasnt breathing at night while i was asleep or a light tickle on my foot to wake me up on school days or even cold air against my face when all the window were closed.

I always woke up with bruises on my arms or wrists, my mother would always ask who gripped my armswrists tightly but i always told her that it wasnt anyone. Countless times i caught glimps of him but he never said a work he simply smiled at times. When my godmother came to do cleaning he never left, i remember she had a hard time sending him out but he refused, it just weakened him abit i guess cause there was a period of time where we didnt hear from him.

On the last day before I moved out, my sister said that she saw a rep cape float and suddenly dropped, i didnt cause i had my back towards that happening XD I was complaining about packing the last few things.

UUUUU sorry for that loooong story XD It might sound hard to believe but i just remembered after reading someone else story that had to do with an ghost. Til now I dont see him anymore im guessing he stayed behind? T^T *le sad*
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I think that they exist and seeing isn't always needed. I always believed in ghosts. When I was younger I got very fearful (mind you I was 6) that a ghost of Ronald McDonald was chasing my car. My doctors blamed my visions of him and other people on my eye drops. But I see shadows following people a lot and sometimes my eyes fixate on places but no ones there. I had a shadow follow my boyfriend and I and it was in a high sun area with no shadow and we saw a third shadow float past us. I think that believe in anything can convince you.