The Little Boy In The Sailor Outfit

Short story but i remember one cloudy day back at my old old place i was in the bathroom washing my face, i left the door open and i think i was ranting about things ( XD ) when I had lifted my face abit, something had caughten my attention from the corner of my eye.

Paranoid thinking it was my littler brother running around (previously my mom had given him candy so he was on a sugar rush hehe) I turned around only to find that a little boy dressed up in a sailor outfit, he had a little pale blue hat as well as shorts, his shirt was short sleeves and white, but he had dark blackish purpleish circles around his eyes, and he had little boots.

Pretty much he was dressed up in clothes that we barely see now days, he had that curious look on his face, and he seem like he was 3-4 years old , but he was tiny~ish like a toddler, I gasped and his eyes got alittle wide as if her were confused, amused and frighten, as soon as i blinked he was gone.

I thought i was going alittle crazy that i was afraid to tell my mom, due to the fact she is alittle rude, but a few days later she mention that her own mother has seen a little boy with a hat running around in my room and around the house.

After the first cleansing of the house, he never appeared again =(
SennaPyon SennaPyon
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012