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I was doing a Facilities Deactivation on an abandoned Insane Asylum in Mich, It was still day time and as i got closer to the medical area It start getting really cold, which was weird because it was an 85 degree day and all power and utilities was shut off to the facility. So I'm doing my work and I see a young lady that looked about 17 or 18 and she just took off running. And I'm thinking shes real so I'm trying to chase her down because abandoned buildings are very dangerous. So i get to the end of the hall which looks like a store area and she Say's "no you caught me again" Like she was scared, just vanished. At this point I'm like scared as **** so I'm leaving out of the store area, and i noticed an old file with all the contents out, and its the girl only shes 19 and turns out she excaped from the Asylum over 5 times, and She died during "Brain" operation to remove the tissue that causes her personality to change. Her name was Sarah Peterson, I still see the image of her frightened face every now and then.

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Very eerie. Insane Asylums have a tendency to be or have the reputation for being haunted. Medical knowledge especially involving the brain was and still is primitive.

idispair Ive been able to see ghost since i was 12 but when i tell people about my experiences they just kinda look at me like im either crazy or t hey think i was dreaming

Facilities Deactivation is when prep a facility to be either shutdown or demolished.

What is Facilities Deactivation? are you psychic yurself..I believe trouble spirits show them selves to people who have psychic abilities......My 2 older daughters kept seeing their deceased grandmother.........<br />
I believe in ghosts......................

I'm not surprised that it would be in a former madhouse. The lobotomy era was a barbaric one in such a modern time.

Trust me cbryslan it was mad spooky, im not scared of alot of stuff but i was most definately scared of that

that sounds like fun roast some marshmellows get the infared lighting system well be set

Maybe we all need to get together and spend the night at a haunted house. Sounds like we all respect the 'others', but aren't afraid to investigate or even live with them!

Yea I kinda felt bad for her after seeing the file, but odd enough after i read the file, i didnt see her again, and the next time i was in that area it was no longer freezing cold like before

I think lab rat surgery, the place seemed to be like a hospital but when u got to the basement floor it was like some mad scientist lab. I cant tell u specifially what it was because of some wavier i had to sign but yea i think it was more expirements there then anything

No, Siggy, we didn't feel threatened, and that was most important! Mama always said don't be affraid! Just IGNORE their presence, or whisper a prayer that they'll go away. With the girl... I just ignored her. After all, do you recall, loyd, the medium said her presence was keeping OUT two bad spirits that couldn't get in as long as SHE occupied our place???!!! <br />
Sig, your story is awesome, disturbing, and sad! It MUST HAVE made an impact for you to remember her name all this time! But doesn't it make you wonder what SHE wanted you know, by showing up, and then the file being right in front of you like that?? I wonder if it was an "accidental" death, or a blantant case of "lab rat" surgery???

Really it didnt creep you out

I lived in a house with a girl, 5-6, who 'haunted' it. I was told by a medium-friend that she latched onto me because my youngest daughter was her age at the time. All the kids saw evidence of her presence, even Em. Oddly enough, we just started thinking of her as one of the household.