Or I Could Be Delusional

A string of events made me question whether I may in fact have had a mental break down, however thanks to my dog, I believe my sanity is still intact.

The first odd -happening was when a door opened by itself right before my eyes. My dog barked at it, the door was to a closet. I found it strange, but thought it must have been a draft, because as we all know, there are a lot of wind gusts in closets -  I had myself convinced. I walked up to it, and closed it firmly with a good push, too.  Shortly after, it happened again. I shrugged it off. 

The second eerie occurrence was hearing the bed creaking very loudly - not a subtle sound either, but almost as if someone were jumping on it and rolling around in it. There was no one there though. Again, my dog immediately flipped out and ran to the bedroom. 

The third and last occurrence still brings shivers to my entire being. My eyes opened to pitch black darkness and dead silence, and this was normal for any  4 am time. The silence was quickly broken by the sound of loud wailing which sounded like it was coming from an old man. He was getting closer, his agonizing moans were longer and louder and piercing swift fear into my heart.

My mind was racing. There is an elderly man in the house, he is dying, someone stabbed him. He broke through a window, and now he's dying in the middle of the house. This was an actual possibility given the crime rate of the area.  My dog, again, freaked out and started barking and bee lined it to the direction of where the wailing old man in agony should be. So I did what they say not to do in horror films and the like - I walked toward the moans and looked. My eyes danced wildly in search of images I had expected, but where was he? Where is the man on the ground, wailing for help? My eyes shifted left and right and back again, with the  prolonged non-stop wailing overpowering the room. 

But there was nothing. I was looking at NOTHING and heard him right beside me. Every little tiny hair stood up at the tips of my goosebumps. I dashed across the hall and shook my friend until she woke up, I yelled " Am I awake?! Please, am I wake? Is this a dream?Am I awake?!" 

Her irritation and confusion quickly shifted to concern when she felt my terror. 
"AM I AWAKE?!"  I don't know what compelled me to repeat this over and over - as if it was the last logical reason I could not see a dying man in the living room. See how absurd that sounds?

She grabbed me and nodded yes, her eyes squinting. I continued ," There's a man out there, I think he's dying.  There's someone downstairs. An old man, he's breathing heavily! And moaning.  I didn't see him, but he's there, do you hear him? Wait listen. Shhhhhh."

And there I was, a babbling fool. 
I'm sure there's a logical explanation for it. 

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I had a string of unexplained events happen to me when I was a kid. Nothing of the kind has happened since. I believe you had a encounter with something not of our current understanding. Just like a Ufo does not mean an alien, just an unidentified flying object, you may not have experienced a ghost per se, but it was something beyond the normal identifiable phenomenon we are used to.

There are various explanations.

In badly constructed buildings the door isn't perfectly horizontal and doors tend to
open. It was so with my door in my old apartment. Even the floor was not exactly
horizontal everywhere so a ball could sometimes slowly roll in one direction.

With the bed, tough to say... neighbours? Sometimes we hear thing that are
somewhere else, quite far, as though they were near and we tend to mistake
sounds that are in some way similar even vaguely. I had times, when I heard
aparently a woman moaning during sex somewhere in the building... well...
... after a not so short a while when I listened more carefully... it was a baby
weeping. The sound was distorted by walls etc.

Sometimes the pipes can do weird noises that can seem like someone

About the old man... perhaps You were dreaming about "not dreaming",
dreaming about going to Your friend telling You it's not a dream.
If not, like I say, there are various noises, especially when You wake up
in the middle of the night in a weird state of consciousness that can
seem like they are coming from nearby and can be amplified
There are also times when You physically and "optically" wake up,
but "Your ears are still dreaming" for a while after "waking up".
I did have those situations when I still heard the inside of my
dream for quite a while after opening my eyes and standing up.

Mind can play tricks on us.
Like in this:

Or this:

I was definitely awake lol. This was confirmed several times after I kept on asking and doing things to make sure I was truly awake..and even asking the next day. But that doesn't completely negate the explanation you gave about being in a dream state. I believe I was still in a semi-dream state. The only part that makes me questions things is my dog. Especially the man moaning and wailing, he went directly towards the area. But then again.. it could be a combination of being in a dream state, and possibly hearing a some unfortunate painful cries next door within such close proximity to the walls.

With dogs it can be 2 things.
A) sometimes dogs can react to their owners behaviour and bark in some general direction influenced by the owners reaction.
B) Dogs have better hearing and what can be amplified for a human in a different consciousness state, may be naturally heard more loudly by the dog. And dogs can bark in the direction of things that don't sound threatening or wrong to a person hearing that sound correctly.

It could have well been a neighbor struggling in the night, which is an awful thought now that I'm writing it out. But in any event, if I ever do see something or really get a full no-crap experience of something which doesn't have the any explanation, then I'm going to post it here for further evaluation :o)

:o) Be my guest.
I'll try to do what and when I can.

hahah you know I'm a fan of your input :D

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