There's A Ghost In My House

I swear, there's a ghost in my house. More specifically, he lives in my room. I've heard someone in boots walking around the upstairs of my house while I was downstairs home alone. I walked upstairs with a bat and my phone one digit away from calling 911, and no one was there. The light fixture from my ceiling wasn't loose but somehow fell off, and broke on my brother in law who was sleeping in there.

My sister was in there one night (while it was her bedroom), had the lights off, was on her computer, couldn't see past her computer, but saw the door open and a dark figure come in the room and stand at the end of the bed. She thought it was just our mom or me being creepy or sleep walking. The dark figure went away and she checked on our mom and me. Our mom and I were both dead-to-the-world asleep.

I had a coughing fit come out of nowhere while I was in bed that was so bad my eyes started tearing up and I couldn't breathe. I went out to the upstairs hallway where there was some cough medicine. There was no dosing cup though so I left the medicine and went downstairs to the kitchen for a tablespoon. I came back upstairs and saw a dosing cup with the medicine. I know there was no cup there before. I know because I dropped the medicine and didn't pick up the cup. I tried opening the medicine bottles before I went to the kitchen while I was coughing and didn't think how I would measure it, I would have seen a cup then. I checked my mom's room, and she was so deep in sleep she didn't hear me coughing up a lung next door. No one else was home. I took the medicine and said out loud "Thank you Mr. Ghost". I even posted a Facebook status about it.

My sister and I have both felt like we could feel him in there too. It's like the air feels heavy and you can just feel like someone is watching you.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

omG that's creepy, at least it's good that you can't see it. I belive in ghosts, but I hope I would never ever encounter one. I would rent an apartment and go to church each Sunday, if I was in your place. Be Strong for your brother and sister, don't show fear.