Ghost Be Gone

Working with the dead at a cremation center, I have noticed that we have one playful ghost that hangs around the cremator for some time now. I am happy to say that it has moved on, the area feels warm again and no lights or funny stuff goes on, and yes ghost are real.
dustermouse dustermouse
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I realy never thought about ghosts up until now.I was sleeping on my stomach with window sill above my head my back scratcher makes scraping sound off the window sill then it slams down to my mattress.Theres also lots of walking up and down my hallway.

I'm glad your lost spirit has found the way to move on across the boundary. Sometimes it takes the spirit of a dead person a while to understand what happened to them. It happens a lot more often if the person died suddenly and the spirit did not have time to exit its flesh in a smooth transition to the other side. Often your local witch can help the lost spirit to understand where it needs to go and help it cross the boundary.

It was a shock when it came in, we feel better now that it has moved on.