I Have Seen More Than One Ghost!

one day my mumwas telling me the weird strange activities my brother was seeing one night he woke up dreaming a dog biting him he was left with bite marks and he adores dogs then he saw some foreign language on his wall etc it came to point he couldnt sleep in his room i went in in the dark took pictures one picture a girl was sitting on his bunk bed brown hair falling down her face other people noticed it to this was about 5 years ago i then about 2/3 years ago was living with my ex i got a feeling that wake up and look at the door so i did and there was this man in a black tracksuit jacket skinny had liitle hair and thinmoustache and i think thin beard type i froze and felt like crying i hid under the blankets then thought i needa look again make sure it wasnt my imagination he was still there he looked so evil towards i hid under the blankets again and couldnt sleep for ages i heard noises in his flat aswell an ashtray getting set down on a glass table in the room next to his bedoom one time he told me i tickled his foot and he kicked me which i didnt do then recently ive been getting more paranoid in my new boyfriends flat i feel cold breezes pass me or come to my face and stay there i feel someones watching me there was a night about a week ago i was sitting on top of my bf talking next thing i felt a cold breeze brush over my back i told him and he said no way i just seen a blue shadow pass over from the same direction i felt the breeze then one night not long ago i didnt no wether i woke up or was still in a dream but seen a black shadow at bottom of bed then last night i didnt no wether i woke up or was dreaming but i was paralyzed couldnt ove and seen a small male figure at my side of the bed i tryed screaming calling out to my bf to wake him up nudge him but my crys n movement wasnt acknowledged the figur disapeared then seen another figure and his side but think it was a girl next min i was asking my bf did u hear me call u he said no and i was dampp with sweat i asked him to put light on but he doesnt think he was still sleeping.but i have had a parylyzed dream/alive before but the last one was in a rroom i never new but anything i imagined would come true a girl with a helmet with spikes sticking out and head butting me then someoe grabbing my ankles and pulling and i could feel my ankles neing grabbed in real life i tryed licking my fingers to wipe my eyes to get me up struggling i finally did and tryed to keep awake but it was so hard anytime i was falling of to sleep i was going back into that surroundings i even stuck on the tv but the paralyzed dream was in my bf bedroom were i stay.i really dont know if all that means anything or what ican do to stop them as its really scaring me and making me scared to be on my own in a house.
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1 Response Jan 3, 2013

Try to communicate with them if you see them again.