A Long Story, But True... Paranormal Voice Caught On Recorder

One night, a short time before my fiancé and I started treatment for drug addiction, I was home alone, and he was at work. I knew he would be home after midnight, so I was trying to get to sleep. Suddenly he bursts in through the front door, long before he was due to be home, rambling incoherently. He doesn't even shut the door. His eyes are so red they look bloody. I knew right away he had taken something. I also knew that he didn't enjoy not being in control of his mind and body, at least to this degree! He would never ingest a drug to make him like THIS, he took nothing but pain pills... I could tell he was trying to explain what had happened but the drug was working on him and he would descend into non-coherent rambling, I would shake him to get him to come to, he would struggle, I'd see him swim to the surface of sanity, only to sink back down. (Later I found he took some sort of barbiturate, and since we had used opiates right before, it reacted horribly and did this to him. He was told what he was taking was a pain pill, obviously it wasn't.) I was trying to decide if I needed to take him to the ER for a stomach pump, he was now talking madness, saying bombs were dropping outside, his friend was a ballerina, had wanted all his life to dance, our town was in flames, did you order that pizza yet... Pure nonsense. I realized he was hallucinating. I made him food, hoping that would help, he ate some, then fell asleep. I was watching him, when I decided that if he awoke again, I would record the ramblings... I got our cell and opened up the recording app. He awoke shortly after, and I turned on the recorder. I asked: do you know what you took? What did it look like? Are you ok? Do you want me to take you to the hospital? Do you recognize me? Do you know where you are? Upon playing it back later on when he had went down for the night, I heard my voice, his voice, and a distinct THIRD voice, and it said: the drugs, tell her about the drugs.... It was said In a whisper, yet it was just as loud as my voice on the recording. The thing is, my fiancé is talking (muttering, really) and then you hear the other voice over top of his. It gave me goose bumps to hear it. I played it for him the next morning. He thought it was a spirit or angel trying to help or intervene in some way. I saved the recording for a year. Every now and then I would pull it out and play it for us. One day, I decided to play it, and had the recordings pulled up. They were listed like this:

1) 00:23
2) 00:15
3) 01:45

The third one was the recording I wanted. I tried to play it and it wouldn't open. I went back to where they were listed, just like above ^... When suddenly the third recording, the one with the voice, just disappeared off the screen. It was just gone. We were in the car and I freaked out lol... In order to delete a recording, you tap it, a box pops up and gives you the choice to play, send, lock, delete. I certainly did not delete it. It just vanished right before my eyes.

I have no idea who or what the voice was, or why it randomly deleted. It has boggled my mind since!

****We are both two years clean, by the way!!****
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Then angels mission was complete. No more need to go back in the past. Perhaps angels way of saying move forward, leave the past in the past.