A Ghost Cat ?

It was odd . I was at my buddies house , stoned beautiful though I was , I was still aware of the difference btween what's real and what isn't ( damned tolerence) and having an animated discussion with (insert friend's name here) while standing and gesticulating the way I often do when I heard a cat's soft meow from the back of his house . Okay , that's not really odd , he has a few cats . Only thing , they're right here in this room , not back there . Maybe some other cat outside or something . So , anyway , I go back to blathering whatever bit of trivial , er , insightful crap that i was rambling about when I felt , on my right thigh , very softly , a cat jump onto my leg , even felt the tail thump down along to my knee .
At this point I stop talking , look at my buddy , and before I could even say anything he asks if I heard the ghost cat . I said something like " Yes , and it jumped on my leg , I even felt the tail thump " . He then tells me that an old woman had lived here with a lot of cats before he moved in and that sometimes he heard them in the house and knew the sound wasn't from one of his own cats .
That was probably the closest encounter with a ghost that I'm actually aware of .
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I have heard many stories like this. Pretty cool. :-)

caught me totally off-guard to the point of not being shocked simply because it was too wierd