Ghost In Daughters Room?

I have two kids, one six months old, another almost seven, both girls. The oldest is severely handicapped, she has pachygyria and Sturge WeberSyndrome, which has left her unable to talk, walk, move herself, eat by mouth, etc. Tonight, I put her to bed, and my youngest woke up and cried frantically. It scared me so I left the room of my oldest rather quickly after settling her in, and picked up my youngest. The oldest began to cry loudly, as if something was wrong, so I put the baby in her play pen, and walked to the other ones bedroom. Suddenly she stopped crying, and she never does this. I thought, oh please don't be seizing, as she has a seizure disorder, and sometimes when she cries, it causes her to seize. So I ran into her room, and on the way to her i heard her laughing and cooing, total opposite of what she had been doing... the light was off like I had left it. The odd thing is, it was very cold in her room. Also, she has a toy, the kind you get for babies that you attach to the side of a crib, and it projects lights and scenes onto the wall/ceiling, as well as plays lullabies and nature sounds. Well, when I first put her in bed, all I had time to do was flip her over head light off. Somehow, when I came back in, the toy was on, it was even on a setting that I didnt use. It was lit up and playing music. It plays for ten minutes at the max setting, five at the minimum. It was on the table by the end of her bed, on top of the tv. I have no clue how it got turned on, no one else was home. She seemed like someone was talking or playing with her, so happy and laughing. But the room, I got chills in there. I went to the living room, and I waited for ten minutes to pass, knowing it will stop playing. It didnt stop. It kept playing for over 15 minutes. I stopped watching the clock when it past fifteen minutes. Later that night, when I went back in to feed/ change her, I tried to turn it on for her, and it was no longer working. It went do anything. I guess it ran its batteries out. Just a weird night.
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Wow that is quite interesting. Id say a friendly spirit did visit with her for a while.

It sounds like your daughter's spirit (soul) is trying hard to get out of this useless body so she can move on to the far side, and eventually to reincarnate in a working body. I understand that most modern moral values refuse to help her get rid of the body that won't move or even speak, and the "crime" folks would severely attack anyone who does good to release her. I am sorry for her to suffer so.

That's an interesting theory, but I don't think she suffers, per say. She can move around, she can't propel herself. She can communicate, she doesn't have the ability to talk though. She has distinct moods, wants, needs, preferences for people, music, television, toys, etc. her baby sister plays with her and she tries to play back with her. I guess I didn't see the need to post wht all she is capable of doing, considering it wasn't what the story was actually about. I just don't think any parent of a child with any kind of special needs wants or needs to hear that their child needs to die. Because I don't believe that is the case. If God or whatever power there may be thought she shouldn't be on this earth, he wouldn't have her be here almost seven years. She's been in and out of the hospital the first three years of her life and has over came so much and to me she is a fighter who wants to live and enjoy her ,life in her own ways and she does. Anyone else that suggests something like this, comments will be deleted. I didnt join or post this story to debate whether or not my daughter, my first child born to me, is "suffering" or doesn't need to be "kept alive"

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter, and although I respect your opinion, you have to think about the thoughts of the parents before you make a comment like that.
Having said that , I would like to let all of the readers of this story know that I was with my step daughter when the occurrence happened. She is the most happy little girl I have ever met. In no way would I ever think that she needs to go home, when God decides that he will take her. The point of the story was to let readers that believe in the paranormal know that something aided her in her comfort. So, as I said before , your opinions are yours and I would never try to tell you that they aren't valid, but in the future p,ease try to think of the implications of what you are saying, who you are directing them towards. That's all. Thanks for allowing me to clear the air....