Midnight At The Plant

Recently I had to come into the plant at midnight in order to train the nightshift people. I noticed that at night the hall were my office is located was extremely dark, but in the day time it's well lit. As I'm walking towards the floor, it feels lie someone's walking behind me, I looked back and no one was there, the lights started to flicker and I saw a shadow of a man and then he was gone.

So I'm creeped out, I get to the freight elevator, the lights in there flickers and boom it stops in between the first and second floor. So I panic an hit p the first floor button and it drops me down the door opens as if its telling me to get out. I report it to maintanece and they tell me there is nothing wrong with it.

After I was done training I got the hell out of the plant, and the next morning I'm talking to a tradesman and he's like this place is haunted because he feels like someone is watching him when he's on nights as well.

So I believe I had another encounter, I'm telling EP because everybody will think I'm overreacting.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I believe you.

Thanks, it means alot :)

lol, awesome. :) Sounds like the perfect start to one scary *** movie! =)

Yeah I know, it felt like it too.

hehe.. sometimes I will get that feeling of spookiness but I have to go investigate it! lol When the path looks darker, thats the one I take... my friends always got mad at me for it.. hehehe >:)

It's wierd because you'll sense something's there but you'll check it out and the vibes gone

I used to live in a haunted house... Maybe I will write a story about it on here one day lol

Yeah you should, that would be cool

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