Ghost Sighting - Of My Deceased Great Aunt

I've had 4 ghostly experiences, but the most amazing was when I was 17 and saw my 93 year old Great Aunt Irene pass on. It was at midnight on Sunday morning in my Pacific Time Zone, and 3 AM in my aunt's time zone in Michigan. I went to bed around 11:30, and was sleeping in my mom’s bed because my bedroom was undergoing some construction. We were awake reading magazines & decided to turn the lights out and go to sleep right before midnight. My mom fell to sleep almost immediately, and as I lay there listening to her quietly snoring, I saw an eerie glow in the upper right corner of the room. It turned into a 3-D type tunnel, and my aunt’s face appeared. She looked completely peaceful, and was smiling at me. Behind her, I could see silhouettes of others walking, and the tunnel of light seemed to go on forever. After probably 30 seconds, the light & the image of her face faded out.

I had tears running down my face, and felt an overwhelming sense of peace, even though I knew she had just passed on. I looked at my watch – it was 12:03. I had no paper or pen nearby, so I reached for my magazine and a tube of lipstick from my mom’s dresser. I wrote the time, and my aunt’s name inside the magazine so that when I told my mom what happened in the morning, she wouldn’t think I was crazy!
At 7am, the phone rang, and I immediately knew it was my aunt’s son calling to tell us the news. I was laying in bed crying when my mom came in to tell me- then I showed the magazine to her and explained what happened. She and my Grandma were both amazed. We had a trip scheduled to visit my aunt (as well as other relatives) in Michigan at the end of August, but she passed at the beginning of the month. When we took the trip to MI, her son told us that the time of death was 3:03 am. I told him the story, and got chills – especially after hearing that the time was exact. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The fact that she came to say goodbye has forever changed my views on an afterlife, or spirit world. I have never been a religious person, although most of my family is very keen on Catholicism. I’ve always thought there may be a spirit world…and my experiences with ghosts has in fact shown me that something else is out there. Not exactly sure what! But something…
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Jan 22, 2013