Grandpa Comes By to Check In

I do believe in spirits and have since high school.  It came about when I had some girlfriends spending the night.  I had a queen bed in my room and the three of us were sleeping on it sideways.  I was in the middle and woke up facing my friend Melissa.  I saw who I thought was my other friend Jules standing at my window, looking out into the night.  Instinctively I turned over and found Jules still asleep next to me.  When I turned back towards the window, the figure was gone.  My family members swear I must have still been half sleeping, but I'm positive I wasn't. 

After that, strange things would happen in my room.  I would be in there doing homework and all of a sudden the lights would flicker.  Or at night, the light would turn on and wake me from a sound sleep.  There were a few times our family dogs would be in there with me and would suddenly whimper or growl and run out of the room.  There was a full-sized attic above the whole length of the old farm house and we would hear random thumping up there every now and again. 

Anyway, since those years, I've always believed in ghosts but have never 'seen' anything since that one night.  I do however believe that my grandpa (who died suddenly a year and a half ago) comes to visit my husband & I and our son, whom I was 7 months pregnant with when grandpa passed.  He was a wood worker who made beautiful furniture and when he died, a few of his pieces came home with me.  Particularly a gorgeous hutch that we put in our dining area.  Every once in awhile, my son will be playing in there and I'll see him look up towards that hutch and smile, wave or giggle.  I just KNOW he sees my grandpa.  It makes me feel really good to know he pops in to make sure my family is happy and safe. 

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How wonderful that your son can see your grandfather. It when adults deny what kids tell them they see, that can break the connection of kids' actually believing for themself that which they are seeing.

i do believe, and i always will believe our late family members will always be there to watch over us, thanks for sharing this story, becuase now i know im not the only one with the power of seeing my family, and i know your family are always with you to. xx

When my sister and I were about 4 & 5 we had to share a room and I thought she was sleeping against my back. I turned to push her over and she was already sleeping against the wall. My mother later told me a woman died in our home before we lived there. I told this incident to someone who suggested that rather than ghosts perhaps it was telekinisis. I am not sure about that theory. What do you think?

I believe in them too! I always have and I had heard things over the years and been witness to things that could not be explained. I did see one once and it's been about 6 years ago at my mom's house. It was about a year or so after the death of my 23 yr old brother. A lot of strange things happened in her house after his death but I don't know if it was him that I saw since it was more of foggy looking shape its kinda hard to describe but it wasn't smoke since no one smokes in my moms house. It appeared to me as I was coming down the hallway into her kitchen and it just glided right by me and then it was gone pretty quickly.