Wierd and Scary

When I was eight,I was sleeping and I felt something wierd.I woke up and looked to my left and I can not remember ever being more afraid in my life.A very large dog was about to attack me.He was like that for twenty minutes,and I could not move.My mom came into the room and the dog disappeared.They still dont believe me, But I know what I was looking at and that dog was acting like it wanted to tear my throat out. That was the only occurance, but other wierd things would happen in that house.It was a beautiful old house but I was glad to move out.    
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3 Responses May 28, 2007

Thats called sleep paralysis, many people who experience that will see different entities too, sometimes scary sometimes not.

When my cat died I could feel him run across me chasing his sister cat. They both used to sleep on me by my heart from the time they were little.

I had a similar experience with a LARGE black dog once ... I'll write about it later but the fear Oh MY GAWD the fear!!!