Ghost Once Posed For My Camera

Not long ago I was living in the Republic of Georgia teaching English. I was working with some students of mine on a play in this old opera house. This opera house was built shortly after World War II, and used to be a spot where Josef Stalin would relax and drink. One day, I was taking pictures of the stage and my students in their costumes. In one of the pictures, standing next to some of my students, is a somewhat transparent figure. You could make out the head, shadow of the eyes, some hair, the neck, shoulder, and some of the clothing of this figure. I showed the pic to my dad, a photography expert, and explained that this was taken with a digital camera in a room with no mirrors or windows. He couldn't think of anything else that could have caused that figure to appear. The only rational explanation we could conceive of is that a ghost posed for me.
SangriaSpring SangriaSpring
26-30, M
Mar 3, 2013