Internet Ghost Story 2. (Not My Own)

see ghosts everywhere. I see shadow people, mist figures, orbs, lights and even full bodied apparitions that I sometimes think are real people. This story is one of those experiences.

When I was in about third or fourth grade, I came to school one day to find that my best friend wasn't there. She had been sick the day before, so this didn't surprise me. But what did surprise me was that another girl was sitting in her seat. I figured that she was a new student. She had long blonde hair with a red bow in it and a blue, satin dress on. I awkwardly walked over to my seat, which was right next to hers and sat down. I was a very outgoing little girl, so I turned around and said "Hi." She didn't say anything. She just stared right ahead. I didn't know what to do so I just looked at her for a while. I noticed that she didn't have a backpack and asked "Where's your bag?" She didn't say anything again. By this time, I had gotten annoyed and gave up on trying to talk to her. But when our teacher asked us to take out a pencil, I pulled out two from my back pack and turned around to give her one of them, since she didn't have one. But when I turned around she was gone.

I found this really strange, but being young, I didn't think that it was paranormal. I was just really confused. I looked around me and said "Hello?" I couldn't find a trace of her. My teacher asked me "What are you doing?"

I asked her where the little girl had gone. She had no idea what I was talking about. I told her that a girl had been sitting in the seat right next to me and that she wouldn't talk to me and that she was gone. My teacher's face went white and she asked me "Are you just trying to scare me?" I said "No! She was right there!" I kept trying to explain about it but the other kids started making fun of me and calling me crazy, so I stopped talking about it. Little did I know that I would see her again.

I was going to be dancing in the school's Christmas play that year. Before the show, I ran back to my class room with another girl to get the hula hoops that we were using in the dance. The lights were off, but light was shining through the window. I looked toward the window and saw the girl standing there, looking down at the floor. I all but screamed and when I turned the lights on, she disappeared. By now, I knew that she was a ghost and I started crying and telling the girl that I was with that I had just seen a ghost. She called me crazy and ran out of the room, leaving me to get the hula hoops by myself. I ran in, got the hula hoops and ran out. As I was running out, I felt a presence behind me and heard an extra pair of footsteps.

I was so scared after that and refused to ever go in the classroom by myself. Kids made fun of me so much for the rest of that year and called me "crazy" and "witch". But I know what saw.

Dybbuk Dybbuk
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Very intriguing! Can't wait to read more of your stories. I'd be honored if you'd add me as a friend so I can follow your writing. :)

added :)

I believe you, and what is sad, is that no one believed you, and then teased you about it. People's behavior is so childish and ignorant. We don't understand the phenomena, and it would go along way to help understand it, if people were taken seriously. It is very hard to go back in time, and try to recall if we noticed a scent, or the temperature of the room, or anything else that seemed odd.

yep!! this isnt my own story. i got this one online.. if you go into my storys you will see my 2 own ones called "dybbuk" and "at my sisters house"