I have always believed in spirits, ghosts, angels, etc. They are everywhere.. including my house. :( Oh well... part of my job is to help them if needed... Whether you believe it or not, ghosts are real.
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who else is psychic here?

is anyone able to contact someone specific? for example, someone i knew...

PM me, thanks.

Lol. Yeah, I know what you mean. It does get pretty crazy. I haven't had any encounters lately... I don't know whether to be thankful or not... :)

Not a literal job, Shaylon. I mean to say part of being a psychic. :)

I believe in ghosts. What is your job?

yes I have not seen anything more but cloudy things going by, but my grandchildren and husband has seen ghosts and could describe clothing etc. I have felt their presence,smelt different oders, and had a couple of experiences where I was touched. We are all so use to these thing that we all just accept them in our home. they are not here to harm us, so we are OK with them here.My grandson was affraid of one ,he called scarry, he would play with my grandsons toys and my grandson said he didn't want to play with him, so I told my grandson when he came again tell him that he didn't want to play with him and tell him to go away. it worked he hasn't seen him in years.

I believe it! I've seen &./or have heard them, myself.I've felt uncomfortable and even scared when I did. Although this type of thing really holds my interest. I didn't feel threatened, just fear of the unknown, I guess.