I know some ppl find this weird but I seriously believe in ghosts I've had my share of experiences but the one that stands out to me the most was when I was about 12 I guess. I had got into an argument with my mom and stomped upstairs to my room to lay in the dark cause that always calmed me down. well my cousin came up there for a while then went back downstairs. I was laying in my romm and all of a sudden I heard this heavy raspy breathing in my ear it scared the crap out of me. I ran to my bedroom door and tried to open it and the handle came off in my hands I was screaming and I finally got the door open I tumbled down the stairs and ran strait to my mom and told her that my brother was messing with me and she said there was nobody upstairs but me I slept with my door cracked for months. I didn't actually see a ghost that night but I heard. I've had plenty other experiences but this one takes the cake.
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I had a similar experience at a hotel. I returned after having dinner, and noticed the lamp shade had been obviously turned sideways. As I was straightening the lamps shade, there was a knock on the wall. I went to the door, and started to open it. This was a lever door handle that began to open, and snapped back and pulled out of my hands. Now, the lever was stuck. I could not turn the handle was stuck in the room. I started to get a little nervous, but the handle wouldn't budge. After a few minutes, I tried the door again. It opened easily and smoothly. Definitely not the scariest experience I've had, but very memorable.

Ooo Creepy. I would have slept with my door cracked too.