I Believe Other Worldly Spirit...

I believe other worldly spirits are very real.......but not all are bad, of course.  
dmwinchester dmwinchester
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7 Responses Jul 29, 2007

I completely believe they exsist. But I don't think all supernatural spirits are malicious.

Okay, so you made me google all this ghost thing and what I have found is... pretty creepy. Do you really believe they exist? or maybe you are just fooling around?

phew, and who would want to throw furniture at me? Such a waste of energy… besides, I am pretty nice ;-p

Its just the poltergeists you have to worry about.

would not worry about the annoying ones. I put my trust in Dan Aykroyd and Ghostbusters! ;-)

Some can be playful. Some, not soooo much

Casper the Friendly Ghost kinda type? lol