This happened a few weeks ago I was at my mom's house for the weekend when my boyfriend went out of town for a couple days and I was in my room sleeping and I felt like this evil presence in my room but it was in my dream and I tried to scream for my dad I did actually but he didn't come but it was like my voice was caught in my throat then I was telling myself to wake up and I couldn't at first then I finally did and I was sweating it was like a dream in a dream but it just didn't feel right to me I was scared and it took awhile for me to fall back asleep and even when I did I didn't sleep well I tossed and turned the rest of the night and kept waking up like every hour. It was weird I didn't like the feeling at all.
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I did a little research on 'astral bleeding' and to sum it up ... could very well have been that and unless you're wanting to visit those parts ... you better get that fixed up. It's kind of like a hole that you seem to travel through, a portal if you will, during barely conscious times. If you don't know what you're doing ... GET THIS FIXED NOW!

This is called 'astral bleeding'. Look it up.

It wasnt an evil demon with you, you felt it was evil because you are scared and dont understand what it was about, I think it was all about you running away from your self, Why do I think this, because that happend to me just before I had my breakdown and was sent to a mental ward for people with disturbed minds. Am not saying this is you, but I am saying if you dont get hold of the things that are going wrong in your life, and give it all a good shaking, then expect your life to come through while you sleep, after all, its only you who your running from. take care.xx

I had a very similar experience as a teen. ( which I too wrote about) Did you get into a fight with someone or have very negative thoughts about something before you went to bed?