Soul of the Dead


Ghost or Spirit is actually a soul of the dead

When people died, their bodies decay but not their souls 

Dead are concerned with their beloved person: family, friends, kids, etc

Thus, they still cling to this life as they cant extinct all passions and emotions

You could see ghost when your mind is cling with the fear ot it

More you fear more you can see

Because your mind thinks of them and creates its own perceptions: sound, sight, sense, smell and so on

I have seen ghost once in my life

I was totally speechless and crawl

Normally, I cant see ghost but I can feel it

As I was born with total six senses

I had never known until two years ago

I started to have a nightmare: I saw a girl in white dress

She screamed with a groan as if she wanted me to help

She had come every night ever since

Finally, I couldn't take the scream

I went to Buddhist temple and talked to the monk about the whole thing

The monk smiled and explained to me calmly that

"she is here, sitting beside you" "Dont be afraid, she wont scare you"

"You live in her place, and she does not mind that as you are pure and good-hearted girl" 

The monk has brightened my eyes and all questions in my mind


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Yeah ,, this is my first time sharing here. <br />
<br />
I've never shared ..<br />
<br />
Im afraid that it might scared ppl off .. LoL

Heyyy xxx this is a great story to share :D xxxx

haha ! no,, Im not kiddin' ..<br />
I had 42 celsius fever 2 years ago <br />
I was by myself<br />
I didnt go to college but nobody thought i was sick<br />
5 days later,, i was found lying unconciously<br />
I dont even remember what happened<br />
but I came back bc of the heart stimulator machine <br />
<br />
I have the sixth sense ever since ...

Where here ! What you transcendentally came over here and didn't say hi . Oh how rude ! LOL .

I'll come back after death ! haha ;)<br />
<br />
Actually,, I've been there but I haven't died yet LoL

By action? are you going to spirited yourself over here ? LOL

thks g9 ,, for the new aspect of "the existence of ghost & spirits" lol ,, This issue is very interesting. Though it has been discussed for over decades,, Still there's no proven evidence,, I believe "human" & "ghost" are strongly related but somehow I couldnt explain by words,, It needs to be shown out by action.

Are we going into biology and chemistry now ? The brain is just a substrate to contain chemical and micro electrical impulse . Not much different than static in the air caused by humidity .<br />
As for ghost I would have to admit I have never seen one but have perceived as to where it was . It was the child in the room that could see the ghost in an lucid awakenings . The child was screaming as if she was a wake and staring at a horrifying apparition in the room . I had the intuitionist to fully wake the child to remove the fear and trauma of what she had seen . When she did fully wake she could not see the apparition but could feel it in the room . <br />
Science has not proven or disproved that ghost exist . I would have to believe that this life we live is not the final state as to who were are to become .

spirit and brain are two exactly different things. <br />
spirit doesnt need "Brain" but "Soul" ,, which could be in the form of whatever or even ,, absence. <br />
Spirit doesnt require for a place to live bc it isnt "human"<br />
but just only the human's soul which still cling to human world after died ...

after lives have lost its mass ,, they have become gas instead ,, its just a matter of transubstantiation ;)

Please ,, start the topic ;)

You have full right to believe or no believe,,<br />
<br />
You are human (Hope you wont deny it)<br />
<br />
Thus,, Human right is yours & I respect that right ;)

I dont mind that,, <br />
I have never expected anybody to agree with me anyway and You arent the first one who said that to me,, Most of my ex were like you,, My current Bf doesnt believe in ghosts either,, So,, Im not surprised at all ..<br />
<br />
However,, as I has mentioned,, I've gone through many experiences about spirits & ghosts,, <br />
<br />
Do you believe in Spirits ?<br />
<br />
If you do but you dont believe in ghosts,, Then its impossible since these two things are almost the same,, Couldnt be separated <br />
<br />
If you dont then it makes sense,,

I truly relate to your story..When I was young saw old "women" dressed in black.Was playing in park she came down to sit by tree.Scared... ran all the way home.Then next day we got news it was my Grandmother had passed,she had come to see me.<br />
And I have dreams of things to "happen" before it really happens and then it does..<br />
I do not fear to die either,must learn how to die before you can live..<br />
And I can feel people around me but in a good way.Many things could have been disaster for me,But"my angel spirits protect me..And I am lucky and safe..

Sophia,<br />
<br />
I also feel the same, I dont wanna see or feel them neither (it's very scary) :( But i think there must be some reasons for these unexplainable phenomenon. Since we were not the one who chose to have it but we were chosen instead.<br />
<br />
Just believe, Everything always happens for reasons,<br />
<br />
Stay strong girl :)<br />
<br />
Thks for comment,

thats a very wounderful story. i also have a 6th sense and ive been dealing with it since i was a little girl and even to this day it freaks me out. i kinda wish it would go away so i dont have to see or feel ghost anymore. everyday i wounder why me and i am still trying to figure out that answer. thats why i came here to see if someone can help me figure this whole thing out. but anyways your really brave. :]

I believe in ghost as I believe in death ,<BR>I've no fear for death, but ghost -- <BR>As I'm still cling to my perception of ghost; dreadful, stinking, creepy... etc,<BR><BR>That's why I fear ghost since It's not ghost but my own illusions, I cant take these pictures out of my eyes.., <BR><BR>But not to death since I believe that "death" is invisible,<BR>It might dreadful but for me is abstract ...<BR><BR>I've never try to reach nirvana and will never try neither,<BR>As I dont want to achieve, ---- <BR><BR>"As more as You achieve<BR>As more as You perceive"<BR><BR>Thks,

What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.