I believe in Ghosts to a degree, I know there are allot of fake videos, sightings and rumours. From personal experiences when I was a bit younger, I believe and I'm sorry but there are Thousands upon thousands of people who say they either believe or have seen a ghost.. Felt one etc.

For the fact is, think about this. There have been things such as Dinosaurs, it's nearly unimaginable to really think about them in my mind personally. The sheer size of them, for example the sauropods, plant eating dinosaurs and they were HUGE. My point is, things like this that are like 'movie material' really existed.

The only difference is, there is evidence. People will say there's evidence of ghosts but to be quite honest I really need to get a proper encounter.. Not to say I've never felt like there's something there, I just need to really feel or see something.

I do believe in them though, it's not far fetched. If you can't open your mind to the thought of things like ghosts, aliens.. mysterious creatures like big foot etc.. Not saying any ARE real. Just saying if you can't open your mind to that, take a look at evolution, history and the human body.. The world and more.

You think we have it all figured out?, we have allot to discover about ourselves, life, the planet, animals.. Universe and more. I'm keeping my brain in tune and my mind open.

I wont believe in anything easily mainly because I want to know things really exist, I'm realistic but open minded.
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

True, I don't know why people make a big deal out of ghosts when we are but spirits in meatbags

Well, I believe we're all in a simulation =)

Hah yea I dunno what the relation is, it just reminded me of it when I read your story..
Well, first we have to make sure if this world is a simulation or not.. How do we do that? Well, if it's a simulation, they had to "cheat" somehow to make the universe seem infinite right.. If we can find this "cheat" that could solve our mystery. There's actually more and more scientists believing it might be true and they're doing serious research on it.

There is a lot of things science can't explain. Ghost is one of them.