I had a tumultuous childhood and probably should have not even survived several times except by some sort of miracle, or paranormal influence. Every home I went to, there always seemed to be something following me or maybe I was just sensitive to energy present from another time that people weren't meant to pick up.
I guess you could call them ghost, but due to my extensive history of these "paranormal beings" being present in my life and having strange, realistic dreams that seemed to transport me in time but to the same place, I think that they are actual episodes of history playing out at that moment in a non linear timeline that seem to be present to those who are sensitive, the most drastic events seemed to harness the most energy.
There were always voices that kind of scared me but also intrigued me, I always had a little dog that slept with me, every house I went to she would growl and bark at the darkness and try to protect me but i would calm her and eventually she would just lay on me and glare at whatever she sensed was there. When I turned 10, i moved back in with my mom and she was getting pretty bad with her suicide attempts and drugs and the apartment she was staying in was a force field of negativity. Things would break, microwave would open and slam itself shut, there were extremely loud banging and thuds that always came from the ceilings and walls even though the apt was vacant. I had horrible nightmares and every night we would huddle together in the back room and fall asleep together like that with the radio blaring to block out the noise. One day I came home and she wasn't there, I began to freak out because i was terrified to be by myself there and decided to open all the doors to the rooms and leave the door open and sit in a position where i could see a part of every room down to the last one at the end of the hall, so from where i sat, i could see every part of the small apartment, the rooms, kitchen and livingroom, it gave me a small sense of relief and control. My bed in mine and my sisters room was against the wall by the door and very loud, it was actually an old metal hospital bed that my mom had donated to her when she got the apartment, also courtesy of the government, always helping out ****** up lazy stupid people... Well I figured since everything always happened behind shut doors and when we weren't looking that i would be safe, yeah, not the case. I started to hear a creaking and then realised it was coming from my room and it was the bed, all of the sudden i see the middle of the bed start to sink in and its creaking really loud now and I seem to be frozen in fear, this thing made it a point to show itself right in the small slither of space that it knew i could see into the room, the back door slams and I snap out of it and run out the door. I had very lucid dreams often there, usually feeling as them to be omens or information from my subconscious, well one of them was of a place in the field next to the apartments, in my dream, everything was hectic until i went to a certain spot, then it was all calm. Well I ran to that spot and it didn't seem to exist, I always believed my dreams and tried to decode them until then. I was pretty upset that it nothing looked or felt like it did in my dream. I went back and no one was still home, so I went for awalk even though i was scared of the neighborhood and thugs, it was better than being home.
My dad was getting worse too, he was starting to sexually abuse me more often because everyone knew now and no one cared so he could do it outside, in the living room, in his bed, I hated it, but I loved my dog and missed her deeply and had been gone for 2 mos, when I went back, it seemed as though the energy had been turned up 10x. It wasn't just the tv turning on by itself and my bedroom lights turning on anymore(the only one that ever did this). This time it was dishes flying and breaking, both my dad and step mom were drunk and abusive all the time and my little dog completely ignored me, hurt that i left her with those monsters, she was my best friend. The dogs no longer growled a little at night in my room, they howled and screeched and wouldn't even walk past, let alone sleep in there, THEY RAN past my door in the hallway as if scared for their lives. I was so terrified of my room and being alone in it, that even though my dad was a pervert, some nights I was glad when I had to sleep with him, SOMETIMES it was better than the heaviness and seeming to fear for my life every night. i could hear breathing and conversations in there sometimes and would wake up dead in the night and swear i could feel someone over my face(i tied the covers over me head to toe so no one could get into my covers at night, paranormal or not, i was always scared of being hurt and very paranoid, i felt that if i fell asleep with my face exposed then something demonic would have access to me, not sure why..). One night i hesitantly went into my room and lay down on the bed, when i heard a growl come from underneath the bed. I was terrified, i knew it wasn't a dog, it didn't sound like a dog, it didnt sound like any animal i had ever heard. I finally admitted to myself that i had heard it and that it was the dog, so reluctantly, I picked up the bed skirt and bent over the side of the bed and there was nothing there. I was terrified because there was no explanation. When my stepmom was drunk she said that someone was stabbed to death in my room and hes the one who haunts the place, but i didn't believe her. None of my dreams or voices I had heard matched that description. Years later i googled and searched and never found the murder come up either. Sometimes I wonder if i had harvested all that energy and projected it myself, it seemed the worse things got for me, the worse the paranormal stuff got until my step mom gave my dog to the pound one week while I was at my moms and after that I just shut down completely and was so depressed, I didn't care about anything or anyone, and stopped associating with people in general, i took my abuse and then just went through the motions, speaking when spoken to only, things died down alot then.
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You poor thing... Im so sorry. If you ever need to talk just let me know. I would love to hear more of your experiences.