One night I dreamt of a demonic girl's shadow on my bedroom door. She was staring at me and I was trying to scream but I couldn't. As if my own breath was taken away from me. The girl was coming towards me and I repeated "you're not real" over and over. No matter how hard I tried getting up out of bed, I was stuck, like I was being pressed down. Then, she tried getting in my body but I didn't let her because I was fighting so hard to wake up and keep her away. I prayed the Our Father before she tried one last time to get me and I awoke praying out loud. When my mom and aunt got home that night, they saw me freaking out and my whole body was shaking for about 10 minutes straight. I was so overwhelmed. ( I have these dreams every so often... I don't know why).
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Maybe cuz u might be afraid of somethin or there might be somethin that concerns u ....idk i am not a pro but i thing u should try to relax ur self ...i had this once ....actually more than once , i saw a blond girl dressed in pink standing there and watching me ,even when i was awake might sound like lunatic ,but sometimes it relates with things that happen during the day for ex. father died that month ( 4 years ago ) so that i think explains alot ...u should try to calm ur self dont think of bad things ...there is alot to laugh abt :) SMILE :D

:) thank you

I had a dream last night exactly like this! Scary.

From what I understand, this has a high chance of being sleep paralysis. If you do not know what it is, I will give an explanation. When a person dreams, the body tends to lock up so the person does not act out dreams. Sometimes, a person can wake up, but the mind will still believe it is a dream and lock your body. In technical terms, you are still dreaming but your eyes are open. You can hallucinate while in this state, due to one still technically being in a dreamlike state. Most of the dreams from sleep paralysis are sadly nightmares, due to the fear a person can be in. People have the potential to see killers, shadows, demons, etc. in this state. I have had sleep paralysis only once, but thankfully I was able to force myself to truly wake up before I could see anything terrible. I myself do believe in the paranormal, but some things can be debunked.

Do you believe in god?

Yes I do

So when God is on one side, you must be ready to find devil on the other.

I'm sorry. That sounds scary.

It's okay, and yeah it really was.i couldn't sleep after that.

I don't believe in demons but sounds scary.

Something similar happened to me. Only I could move and realized what was happening, so I tried to perform an exorcism in the dream. That was probably one of the most terrifying dreams I've ever had. I knew it wasn't real but even after I woke up, it freaked me out the rest of the day. In my case, however, it might've just been the wrong combination of horror movies at the wrong time.

No I wasn't even watching a scary movie.

I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about my own experience. Sorry if it was unclear haha.

I ate pizza before I slept but I don't even know if that junk food crap is true about getting nightmares from that

I use to dream about a young girl coming from behind my house. She use to whisper my name with her high pitched and I dreamt about her for over a year.
At one point I woke up with a cut on the palm of my hand, she had cut my hand in the dream when I tried to get away from her.

They finally stopped but every so often when I'm at my grandmas house (where the nightmares started) I get this bad feeling I'm being watched and most of the time get nightmares now and then.

Yeah I get those feelings too a lot, but never something coming true from a dream.

Not too many people can see ghosts. And here you speak of a demon? That's really serious. Those are the most evil things by creation. Umm, I'd suggest you change where you live. I'm an enthusiast about ghosts. And this might be the best advice you'll get.

Or move into a different house.

Really? Don't look like you got better ideas. And what the **** is slip paralysis? You retarded pineapple! Get the **** off ******!

That's the worst comeback ever. Holy **** dude if I had a retarded baby brother he'd be ******** a storm down on you right now.

It was just a nightmare. But I have moved recently and it has stopped sort of. Last night I experienced it again. I thought I was up, but I wasn't. I was trying to get out of bed but I was stuck again. And I was yelling but it wasn't coming out as clear. Like a whisper. It was a struggle to get up. That's why I wrote my post. My mom used to experience paranormal activity and I guess I do too sometimes.

I hope you don't fear these things. Because you need to be strong and that helps. Just take it easy and if it ever occurs again, I think you should talk to your mom about this.

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