When I first moved in to my new home there would always be strange noises around the house. My mother would just shrug it off saying that the house was just settling. I felt better until slowly after a few months went by my sister & I would find things missing like clothes. One night I heard someone downstairs but when I went to look I saw nothing. I again went to my mother and she agreed that we had a "visitor" in the house. It was conformed when I was laying down in bed and my bedroom door closed by itself and scared the **** out of me. But tbh I honestly think the ghost was harmless. My mother gave me the advice to just talk to it & ask it to stop taking my stuff & scaring me so much lol. Well I did numerous of times and it calmed down after awhile then suddenly all the pranks stopped. I don't know if the ghost is still here or moved on but if it did I hope it's in a better place
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Aug 17, 2014