I believe in ghosts.. Even though these things might be a bit unbelievable. Ever since I turned 7, weird things have happened. It's always scary, I'll probably never get used to it but these things happen and I quite never could understand why. Doors opening by themselves, hearing strange voices, feeling someone touch me but no one's there, seeing quick black figures, and sometimes but rarely, I even see a person. There's a reason behind all this but I'm still always going to be a bit confused about it. I'm not sure how to get rid of these.
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In my previous house, I wasn't exactly scared (okay, a little bit), but incredibly paranoid. Most of the stuff you do describe happened so there is not a real point in restating it

So you haven't got them anymore?

No, not really. I left my previous house almost a year ago. It was mostly just sounds, sometimes seeing something (twice I have seen a pure black figure).

Lost souls are attracted to people who can interact with them. You may want to get used to it. lol

I would rather get rid of them.

You think that's wierd than try this ever since I was little I used to see a little white girl (see through white) and I just recently found out who she is she is my culture's( mexican) worst nightmare she's the helper of Satan she collects souls for him, and I also f o und out most of my family has seen her ,also to add more weirdness my mom woke up in the middle of the night because she heard her name ( she said someone was yelling it outside) but when she looked no-one was there. Worst of all stuff in my house falls randomly and we hear creaking footsteps in the other rooms and we see shadows of people I've even had an out of body experience and I saw shadow people looking at my while I sleep.

Ohh, that's interesting. I know that too, the rest of my family experience things like that. Obviously the things I mentioned weren't the only things that happened.

Just reading that scared me

So scary~~~ hmm it also happened to me when I was a kid... But one night I felt(closing my eyes) someone walking up the stairs and went into my bedroom and still walking towards me I somehow felt it against me then I opened my eyes there was no one...

Ahh.. That might be something. Has anything else happened?

A plenty but can't explain in a few sentences