i love the idea of ghosts or any other celestial beings exist. i guess this makes me feel less lonely. plus, think about it how cool would be when you died you can come back freely
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I think ghosts are real to but it freaks the **** out of me

Wo..wo..first of all to me its really weird because you should be scared..because people usually are scared of ghost or alien or fear the unknown..i think you are a loner..brother don't get too deep into this kind of thought..it will be hazardous for you in future..
P.S-Don't mind for my judgement..i'm just trying too suggest you for your own good..Sorry if i'm mistaken..

haha well you're not wrong that saying im alone but instead of believing ghosts are evil, i'll just pretend that they're floating around us, making jokes and bad puns. ghosts will be forever cool for me.

Hmmm..then its not okay its awesome...ha..ha

why do u think their just dead people what if some other form or entity

starting to think were all alone

I missed a word in that last message I know were not alone and yes there is a 3rd realm ok believe it or not