I 100 percent think ghosts or "spirits" are reals. Weather they ate good or bad. My trainers husband just recently passed away due to a massive heat attack at the Age of 40. He was the last person that anyone one would suspect this to happen to he was more in shape than the average football player.anyways my trainer has the most amazing stories about how she knows he still with her. One of them is when she Was laying in her bed a radio that not been turned on in years suddenly turned in and the song was a song from a concert they went to on their first date ( I forgot what it was) but anyway the song played and then as soon at it was over the radio turned back off. She said that she got that feeling that he was laying in bed next to her, and she did not feels scared at all. Instead a feeling of joy and company
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So sorry for your lost!! but love one do come back for to let you know your still in there hearth! I have seen many ghosts in my grand-mother hotel!! so they do haunt!! good and bad!!

Wow sorry for that and it's pretty to hear :3

I know she has the most amazing stories makes me feel good

But most scary story I've heard... Jk I love hearing horror stories... I say it's scary cuz it so late at night here... So it's a bit scary

wow real sad about him at such a young age