Want to read a real life ghost experience.

When I was little I would stay with my grandparents while my parents worked. Sometimes we would have to spend the night. During the day I was able to avoid the room that my brother and I slept in. My grandparents would be the only ones in the house including their two dogs.

My grandma would put us to bed, turn off the light, and shut the door. Now that's when the room became terrifying to be in.

My brother and I are a year apart and this happened when we were five and six years old. My brother and I heard something slam against the wall. It was the wall that had nothing on the other side of it, so you wouldn't expect a noise to come from it. It sounded like it was inside the room. We both bolted up from sleep. Scared because it was a very loud noise. I could hear my brother breathing heavily. Everything was pitch-black.

Let me give a set up of how the room was arranged. The queen sized bed was in the center of the room. The head of the bed was against the wall with the window in it where the soft glow of the street lights outside would shine in. This wall was right across from the wall with the big double door closet, where we stashed our games with the door that went into the rest of the house to the left.

When my brother and I jumped up from the bang that was on the wall on my brother side of the bed the first thing we looked at was the closet. The previously closed doors were now wide open. As my eyes tried to focus on the darkness within, I noticed that the room had suddenly gotten colder.

I got closer to my brother and shivered not because of the cold but because of what my eyes were now focusing on. I knew my brother saw him too because he had tensed. A mans outline was showing just inside the closet. We waited in terrified silence to see what he would do. A few minutes pasted as he watched us and we watched him. I could feel his eyes on us and I couldn't speak or move. Suddenly he moved. Just one step forward just so the light from outside shined on his face. What disturbs me to this day is that where his face should have been was complete darkness. Then he disappeared.

My brother looked at me in disbelief, fear still painting his face. My face mirrored his. It's what happened next that imprinted this night in my memory. A huge explosion came from the closet as the two doors slammed closed and there was rapid procession of banging on the the walls on either side of us. My brother grabbed my arm and made a dash towards the door. We tried to dodge the flying objects( which we later discovered were toys) that were hitting the walls. We made it to the door and thankfully it opened. The hallway seemed longer than it actually was due to our fear. The both of us hurried to our grandparents room which was on the other side of the house. When we got there we woke our grandparents up in a panic. Explaining to them as well as a frantic five or six year old could what had just happened. My grandpa grabbed a baseball bat and went to the room leaving my grandma behind with us as we cried. He came back pale and sweating. He said in a slight murmur that nothing was there and that we should all go to bed.

Later in life, I asked my grandpa about that night. He said that when he went back to the room the door was closed(which neither my brother or I had done when we ran out) and he could hear wailing and loud bangs from the other side. Now my grandpa is a army veteran so his instincts instantly kicked in and he pushed the door open and switched on the light. He said that what he saw when he turned on the light would stick with him for the rest of his life.

When the light illuminated the room he said that there were maybe four or five toys floating in mid air which promptly fell to the floor and that the closet door was open.

That's why I believe in ghosts... Or whatever that man was...

Sorry for any spelling mistakes and thanks for reading that night really affected me and sometimes I wish it never had happened because now I know that things watch us from the darkness.
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I am a newbie and this is the first post I have read. Wow what a welcome. Thanks. I absolutely believe in ghosts and this was a great share.

I just read this and I'm scared madam I'm scared. It's da middle of da night

They say a child could see ghosts. And any other animals too, so u should have a pet just to inform yourself when and where that "thing" is. When ghosts r moving, ur dog or cat will stare at that direction and mourn (bark or meow loudly and aggressively) this is what my friend suggests, but a bible and open it up in ur room.

I use to see ghosts as a child too and had many experiences with the some bad some good and comforting but nothing that extreme I think that you should do some research into that house to see who lived there because spirits don't stick to a person they stick to an object or house

I have done some research on that house but nothing out of the ordinary occurred there. No one died or was injured in that house. My family have all had experiences like this mostly on my grandmothers side. My grandma frequently told us stories and says that where ever she moves that such occurrences have happened and my dad speaks of similar things from his childhood. My dad said that it is terrible that we experienced that but it was bound to happen at some point in our lives.

Well then the only other thing I would do is go to some sort of a spiritual elder just to try and figure out what is going on and of you find out tell me because I am very interested