for me one night i was by myself in my house and my bedroom is the farthest in the house so i was hearing weird noises from the computer room that is closist to the door and i went to go check it out, nothing was there so i didn't think anything about it i felt something was watching me and when i felt that the tv in my room volume went all the way up so i took courage and ran to my room and lower the volume and decided i didn't want to stay in the house and when i left i maked sure that all the stuff was off in the house and when i step out of the house i noticed the light turn on in the closist room so scaired i open the door and i noticed that the light was turned on, the fan that was in the room and that i check that it was unplugged was turned on and set on high, and the tv in my room turn back on high volume again
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Wow scary

Wow that is crazy!

i know right lol that is only one out of many paranormal things that happen to me