the reason i believe in ghosts and spirits is because i have had encounters with them.. (no they haven't thrown things at me or anything) My cat will hiss at them, but, i will invite them to sit down and rest for a while. They seem so lost and scared and cold. One used to stroke my hair when i was younger and i believe it was because she used to be a mother, its a beautiful feeling
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That's pretty nice....have you ever tried to get any of them to cross over?

what about my other comment

saying that's cool? yes, thank you it was and is pretty cool :)

I really belive this is made up the story the ur age etc...

I completely understand. I'm 17, what do I know? But this is real whether you believe it or not. I just hoped this site was not full of people who believed maturity only happens to 'adults' therefore fantastic experiences only happened to them. Thank you for your view though.

well really I was just messing around bored what r u doing up any way?

thats okay and what am i doing up? its 11am here so of course i'm up

Well I believe you....I've had a good many strange occurrences happened to me that I can't quite explain when I was even younger than don't worry, not everyone on here has a closed mind ;-)

I would actually say some 17 year old girls have a lot more maturity than adults! Its not like 17 year olds are children anyway? Lmao but maturity has nothing to do whether you have seen or felt ghosts. That doesn't matter what age you are, you could be 80 or 8. Personally i think thats a really cool story. Can you communicate with them? Or just feel there presence?

I don't think one on one

thank you :)
and well if i brush past them you can get fleeting emotions.. like fear, confusion that kind of thing. they seem really confused that you can 'hear/see' them so to speak.. if you find one who knows that they are dead you can get some words from them.. but most are just emotions

Wow i find that so intriguing! It sounds like most of the spirits that are here are lost and confused, is it like they communicate with you through emotion?

yes.. like I'm a piece of paper, or a save point.. kind of.. i believe that they are left with their human emotions in a 'new' body kind of thing.. they don't know what they are doing or where they are.. you know?

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that's cool