My iPhone what was on a table at one side of the room I just walked back into the room and it is on the windowsill at the over side of the room my house has ghosts I'm it
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My friends dad was all alone. and was burnt by a cigarette. he thinks it was a ghost.

It sounds like a evil ghost or a ghost wanting his to notice it

Another sign there is ghost you might feel a water drop sensation, it feels really weird. I think my house is haunted too. i hear noises in my house, like people laughing. Its really creepy!

I get that water drop feeling a lot as well as the room all of a sudden fells different and hear noises a lot it is creepy like

Talk to it gently, don't scare it away. Try to get pictures or audio of it. Ask it why its there. The ghost might tell you what it wants.

Lol I will take pics and audio the next time when I feel it's presents

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Try to talk to the ghost, tell it that you are not here to harm it and that it should provide you with a sign of its presence,

I have a couple of weeks back and got evp's of them talking back lol

Maybe someone is gas lighting u!!

Is that the first thing that you've notice happen? I've had a similar experience a few times. Except it was a book that I had been looking for, couldn't find it and just left, and it was on my bed when I got back home.

I have had a lot of experiences including evp's of ghosts

I've had that experience with a lot of ovjects

I think ghosts are behind the whole "I can't find it but if my mom looks it's right there" deal

Yer I think it is as I can't find something where I'm defiant It was and if my mam has a look and it's where it was even know it wouldn't of been there a couple of minutes before lol

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