Ok this was a long time in the waiting this is part 2 to my ghost story if you don't know part one I suggest you read it... anyway I go out the door and I see no one there and the exits are far off and no one can run that fast and quietly. At least no one I know of. Later on I keep hearing the knocks and I go out every time and I get annoyed by it... My teacher at the time was well round 80 years old so I was sure he couldn't hear it.. I went out and found a shadow of a figure on the floor (I looked left and right no one was there I swear) and it was walking aimlessly around the floor. Puzzled by this I went home to search up anything. Turns out a student was murdered in my school back in January 19 1997 (somewhere around there I forgot) the figure is skinny just like that student's but I want exactly sure about it all. All I knew was that figure. (There is another post explaining the events that happened a Month or two later go check it out)
I give credits to kittenasylum I promised her this experience and I ran really late. Sorry for the delay kittenasylum
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That's interesting

That's not all of the experiences I have some more recently

Sweet! I would love to read them!!!

I'm going to post them up once a day every day. If someone wants more they'll be mentioned at the end of each part or each experience as a thanks for reading my stories

That's ok I really love hearing these type of thing!

Yeah. Thanks, it's more of a tribute kind of thing


You ow I think I might post up a part one of a high school experience


This is more to set the place and people that were with me. The actual meeting with the ghost owl be part two

sounds good.

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Oh and one more thing shout out again back to kittenasylum. She made me write down this experience and she really wanted to read more of these stories