Well... a while back, when I was in either 7th or 8th grade. I was in p.e. class and all of a sudden, we heard a scream from the showers... it was really loud and so sudden, but everyone in the class was in the room. So, the teacher went to see who it was... but when she came back, she said that no one was up there... it was really creepy...
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Strange, but not unheard of. There was a ghost hunters episode on a similar happening.

Your user is perfection

Lol. Thanks : )... I thought of it myself

I love plushies and sushi

Lol.. well, I've never had sunshine, but I like tuna... but I love plushiesx ) .. and they both rhyme too... lol : )

..... I meant sushi, not sunshine...

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I went to a cemetery once after reading a book about American ghost mysteries, and me and my dad made an EVP which is basically a recording which is supposed to hear *ghost voices* that the human ear can't hear. My dad said "when did you die?" And I swear we both heard someone say "December 27th" which is my bday.

.. that is both creepy and cool at the same time... but most will answer you if you ask them a question, just don't provoke them and you should be ok.. but that is cool. I myself have never been in direct contact with a spirit, but I want to have the experience, just to know what it feels like... know what I mean?

Yeah I do. At first I was freaked out I thought I might pee my pants, but then I realized how awesome it was and all it took was a video camera

Lol.. that's so cool, see.. now you could talk with them if they bother you...

Hey my birthday is december 28

my birthday is December 30, and my brothers is the 29.. : )

Cool I'm not nineteen anymore I'm 24 now

My mom had ghost children in her apartmen and they used to play with them they were nice and in the light like in the sun they would turn into balls and they would play with them and when my mom moved out the ghost followed them into the new house if you have lived in a house that has ghost and u live there for a long time their spirit is stuck to u so if you move the ghost will follow you

That's cool... I didn't know ghosts could get attached to you...


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I think I'm cursed by a demon

.. why?

I see and hear fictional characters, random depression and anxiety.

.. well, I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm sure that there is something staring at me, or something sitting there waiting till I'm vulnerable or asleep to try to get me... but I just try to stay focused on something else... especially something special.

I can talk to it. It tried to kill me before

Omg... that's bad, but at least you can talk to it.. just don't aggravate it

I won't

Hang in there.. believe it or not you will grow out of it. Prayer will stop it but you have to believe.

Well that's the thing....hehe...... I'm an atheist

There's no other answer

We'll I'm not because it's always the same image

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