When I was younger my family and I were driving somewhere on a back road and there was this large tree all alone and I looked out the window at it and I saw this little girl with dark hair in a white dress hanging in the tree with a teddy bear in her hand at her side and as I saw this it was like it was in slow motion and it had replayed in my head ever since. Then a couple years later when my brother was the age I was when I saw her, he mentioned seeing a little girl in a tree and he described her to me and it was my little girl I had seen except I never told anyone about it.
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ohh really.................? I am yet to experience something like that... may be the ghost don't like me :(


She might not have been a ghost or spirit. She might have been an empression kinda like a recording of something trama tic that once happened there.
To bad you don't know more.

Great story!

Sometimes children can see things adults cannot.

I read something like that somewhere

And I was really young when I saw it.

never, ever, ever, call them ghosts *im sorry* call them Earthbound.

Did you see my recent post it has something to say in relation to ur comment

Great story