I have witnessed a ghost, many many times...especially while hanging out clothes on my line.this particular ghost, is believed to be the victim of a robbery..back in the early 1900's. he ran a saw-mill, behind wear my home stands now. He was beaten...robbed and killed over a piece of salty fat pork and cornbread, he had cooked for dinner that day.It's believed that the killer also got a few dollars off of the miller as well.
The figure of a man, without legs...has been seen by many people.My father-in-law actually wrote about this, in his English lit class at UNC.We call the man, ghost...whatever he is..The Boogy branch man. We now call the branch, where he was killed the "Boogy branch", because it's also haunted. You don't want to be back there after the sun goes down, that's a very scary place.
People have said, he has told them to leave.."Get out"! I heard him calling his dog one day, I had never heard about his dog...until I asked if he had one. What scared me the most, was the way he moved, almost from one side of a 3 acre field to the other end...within seconds! It's impossible to move as quick as he did, without it being something like that.His 'actions' seem to get more frequent in the harvest season, which is coming up soon.
We are Christians, we live a life..or we are trying to, that is pleasing to our God, I am not lying about this the lest.Things happen, we cannot explain, this is one of those things.Im not really scared, not like a horror movie, but...i do watch-out for him when I am out in those fields!
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That sounds interesting. I really love hearing about this sort of thing!👻

It is interesting..and all true!! i had never encountered any such thing before, or anything like this..it certainly is unexplainable. thanks for your reply!

Really that's sounds interesting, I would probably be a nervous wreck.

thanks for your reply, btw...i was a nervous wreck! i had heard of this "fellow", many many times, long before i had actually had the experiences with him. It was his legs, not having them...that kind of "threw me for a loop". i found out later, that he had one wooden leg! can you believe that? Anyways, it's getting close to harvest time, maybe...he'll show himself again.