There was this one time when I was in a visitors lounge in the hospital visiting my grandma, there was a lady in a hospital gown that was in there with me and we were talking. We talked for quite a while and she told me she had to leave and I watched her leave the room, but was puzzled, because when she was a few steps out of the room, she disappeared in a blink of an eye and there was just a narrow hallway with no rooms the direction she was going, just the exit. While walking back to my grandmas room in the hospital, in one of the rooms I seen the same exact lady that I was talking to for that whole hour, she appeared to be sleeping. The nurses put a blanket over her body and there was a family in the room crying. I was too little to understand what was going on and what had happened, but now that I've grown more after the experience, from my understanding I've encountered a paranormal experience.
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Awesome story! you have any more like that one?

yeah im just falling really behind on it.. although there is that one time where some kid died on an intersection of my school. the traffic lights go crazy before school and after school

Amazing! I don't know why but these types of stories have always fascinated me from a very early age. Also with having experienced them myself. :-)

yeah... but just people thinking them as stories just makes me a bit sad because all of the things i said here didnt come just from my mind and putting it down like "oh i think it would be interesting if i added this to my story" no i had all the experiences

Oh No, make no mistake I firmly believe in spirits. It's just a lack of a better word I suppose for saying stories. I have no doubt they're very much real. No disrespect.

ok thanks.. some people just think i pull it off from the top of my head

Not at all! I truly believe you because it's happened to me too. In fact I've got a couple of stories on a few of these threads. I'm very intuitive, are you?

yeah kinda... i just walk into them like cars on a race track

After moving into my new home, I've seen and felt a woman in my bedroom....the crazy thing is she's always opening my closet night." I had to prop a chair up against it to keep it from happening. So far, she's left me alone.

dang... thats mean... and frightneng

It's not really that bad actually, in a weird way, her energy is sort of protective. But she really needs to ease up on the closet doors...freaks me out a bit." :-)

tell her see what happens

When she does things like that, I'll usually be like, ok" I know you're here you can stop it with the doors now." And they usually stop.

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This happens a lot but is a good sign that person is in a better world and trying to help somebody else out before she leaves this world you are very lucky ?.


Wow thats an intriguing experience.

Jeez... that was creepy. I've had my fun of paranormal experiences and I'll upload all the others I haven't posted already but I've never seen anything like this before

Me neither